Presenting FIRE ANGEL

FIRE ANGEL is the newest silks release from Carrie’s Lingerie and in true Carrie’s fashion, you have multiple options with this one. Gorgeously delicate gold graces and sweeps over your body from neck, to arms, around your torso and down your leg in a swirling pattern accented with pops of brilliantly colored gems and jewels to help direct the eye. The top can be worn as a solid colored wrap around halter peeking out from below the gold and gems for more conservative coverage or just let the gold and jewels highlight an expanse of exposed skin. A delicate gold band encircles your hips from which fall front and back silk panels in matching colors with gold and gem accents. The arm bands also match in color and gem design to complete this phenomenal silks ensemble.

For those PG moments or when you want to slip out of the panels and still have a complete look, the panties included with FIRE ANGEL have a matching colored triangle accented in more gold and gems.

Carries Lingerie

Presenting EVIE

Classical and Beautiful Evie. If this looks familiar it should – Evie is based on one of Carrie’s first designs the Eve. Totally revamped and updated Evie will be a true pleaser. Looking like a classic corset this one can be worn alone to free the boobies or you can wear with the sexy strapless bra with lace finished cups. Don’t forget the beautiful jewel accent. Matching panties in satin and lace complete this lingerie. Add the cute poof skirt to give it a teasing look or the sexy lace mini if your feeling frisky! Yes 2 different skirts! Don’t forget to add the super sexy lace stockings and bolero jacket to match for a complete outfit – in or out of the bedroom!

Mix and match the pieces within the set or with additional items in your wardrobe and you have another endlessly versatile, extremely sexy and fun creation brought to you by Carrie’s Lingerie: Evie.

Carries Lingerie

Presenting WRATH

As the final chapter in the 7 Deadly Sins Collection, WRATH explodes onto the scene in a sexy leather and buckles ensemble putting a fitting exclamation point to the entire collection.

The leather corset in WRATH comes in 2 sexy styles with an option for each to wear with or without buckled garters. Both corset styles have deep rich colored panels along the sides with a gorgeous swirling pattern that draws the eye in for the row of buckles down the front and frames the row of ties along the back. The full leather corset has a plunging neckline with leather nestled behind the buckles while the open corset removes the leather panel to show off an expanse of skin behind buckles begging to be undone. WRATH includes high cut leather panties perfectly matching the corset and sheer thigh high stockings sporting a ribbon of color and another sexy buckled strap around your thigh. Finishing off the look are perfectly matched gloves accented with more buckles along the top

Carries Lingerie

Presenting JASMINE

JASMINE begins as a classic lingerie set accented in lace but you should know by now that’s not where the story ends. The bra has lace straps and half lace cups that let your nipples peek through above colorful satin. Matching panties in satin and lace complete the 1st look. For the 2nd look, garters made of lace accented with colorful bows pair with pulled up sheer thigh high stockings topped with lace and a matching color ribbon.

Now is when the real fun begins! JASMINE has additional pieces that can be added in a number of different ways to create many sexy looks. A corset that cinches your waist comes in latex, leather or suede (depending on color choice) with lace trim along the bottom and a row of sexy buckles down the front. The full top includes the cincher corset and a short sleeved open front top accented with lace along the sleeve hem and more sexy buckles down the back providing a glimpse of bare back. Worn by itself, the full top leaves your nipples bare for an extremely sexy look. The bra can be worn under the full top to give your cleavage a nice lacy trim and the hint of nipple peekage for flirty sexy fun.

Mix and match the pieces within the set or with additional items in your wardrobe and you have another endlessly versatile, extremely sexy and fun creation brought to you by Carrie’s Lingerie: JASMINE.

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