Presenting FIRE ANGEL

FIRE ANGEL is the newest silks release from Carrie’s Lingerie and in true Carrie’s fashion, you have multiple options with this one. Gorgeously delicate gold graces and sweeps over your body from neck, to arms, around your torso and down your leg in a swirling pattern accented with pops of brilliantly colored gems and jewels to help direct the eye. The top can be worn as a solid colored wrap around halter peeking out from below the gold and gems for more conservative coverage or just let the gold and jewels highlight an expanse of exposed skin. A delicate gold band encircles your hips from which fall front and back silk panels in matching colors with gold and gem accents. The arm bands also match in color and gem design to complete this phenomenal silks ensemble.

For those PG moments or when you want to slip out of the panels and still have a complete look, the panties included with FIRE ANGEL have a matching colored triangle accented in more gold and gems.

Carries Lingerie

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