Presenting JASMINE

JASMINE begins as a classic lingerie set accented in lace but you should know by now that’s not where the story ends. The bra has lace straps and half lace cups that let your nipples peek through above colorful satin. Matching panties in satin and lace complete the 1st look. For the 2nd look, garters made of lace accented with colorful bows pair with pulled up sheer thigh high stockings topped with lace and a matching color ribbon.

Now is when the real fun begins! JASMINE has additional pieces that can be added in a number of different ways to create many sexy looks. A corset that cinches your waist comes in latex, leather or suede (depending on color choice) with lace trim along the bottom and a row of sexy buckles down the front. The full top includes the cincher corset and a short sleeved open front top accented with lace along the sleeve hem and more sexy buckles down the back providing a glimpse of bare back. Worn by itself, the full top leaves your nipples bare for an extremely sexy look. The bra can be worn under the full top to give your cleavage a nice lacy trim and the hint of nipple peekage for flirty sexy fun.

Mix and match the pieces within the set or with additional items in your wardrobe and you have another endlessly versatile, extremely sexy and fun creation brought to you by Carrie’s Lingerie: JASMINE.

Carrie’s Lingerie

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