PRESENTING ::: A Carrie’s Halloween

Halloween is a favorite time of year in SL for lots of people, but Carrie simply LOVES it and it shows in this years Halloween Collection. We have costumes and new designs included alongside a sexy remake WITH matching skins and makeups and a new set of pasties! Have a seat and get ready for all of this Halloweeny goodness coming your way.

⚫ The MICKEY and MINNIE matching set is just too cute for words and LOADED with options. Both sets come with ears and tail (MINNIE’S sports cute red bows of course), white gloves with cuffs for the men and ruffles for the women, a face tattoo with whiskers and cute little mouse teeth and a prim nose to set it off. The MICKEY also comes with a yellow and white bow tie and gives you an all over skin with red boxers and white buttons to finish off his look. The MINNIE is decked out in red with white polka dots along bow accented puffed sleeves, cleavage enhancing dipped top, panties and a fluffy ruffled skirt. A black corset accented with buttons along the front can be worn with the top and you also get matching black stockings with cute little red bows. And speaking of bows, red bow pasties are included for when you decide to wear the corset without the top. Will you be cute and sweet or naughty and tempting with these looks included with the MINNIE?

⚫ For those of you who like hunting, GOLDIE may at first seem familiar, but GOLDIE has a few new additions that complete this naughty porridge stealing number. The brown corset with pink front ties has been separated from the light green top to give you an option of full coverage or going bare with optional puff sleeves and pink bow pasties to give you more options. The short ruffled skirt sits below a pink edged apron accented with a picture of the 3 bears. Bow accented thigh high stockings are also included along with a cute cuddly teddy bear to snuggle in your bed that’s just right. PAPA BEAR is also available as a matching boxer set for the guys.

⚫ GRETEL and GRETEL’S CANDY are here bearing sugary treats! GRETEL could charm her way out of anything when wearing this flirty and sexy creation. The red front tied corset can be worn alone for a naughty expanse of bare breasts or over the white peasant top that can be accented with white puffed sleeves. The green panties can be worn alone or as the base of a short mini skirt trimmed in lace. Garters matching the skirt trim lead to solid white stockings topped with more ruffled trim accents. A cute white apron and lollipop suitable for licking are also included in this very sweet ensemble. GRETEL’S CANDY is a candy covered expanse of boxer goodness for the guys.

⚫ IVY is truly a sexy and detailed body skimming creation. Green ivy wraps all around the material of the outfit and over your skin along your shoulder and down your leg where prim ivy fills out the detailed look. Brown vines wrap around your upper arms at the top of the long green gloves and repeats as the ties holding your top in place along your back. A head piece of ivy for your hair is also included and a separately sold skin is also available to give you a complete head to toe sexy ensemble.

⚫ All of the pieces of OBSESSION are back with a twist. Black spiderwebs cling to your skin while spiders skurry down the back of sheer thigh high stockings. Matching make ups are also available in all 3 colors to perfectly compliment your OBSESSIVE look.

⚫ WICKED is a new shiny and slick latex creation. Worn as either a body suit or full cat suit, both versions have a barbed choker clasp accented with a deep rich jewel and the barbs are repeated to reveal your breasts in a truly WICKED tease and also trail over your butt cheeks to draw the eye coming or going. Sheer stockings are included with barbs encircling your thighs and accented with another deep rich jewel on the side.

⚫ Brand new to the Carrie’s Collection is a line of fantasy skins! Dark and sinister to light and chilly, these specialty skins compliment the Halloween collection and other pieces in your Carrie’s closet. Fabulous colors and differently detailed faces make these skins unique, but you don’t have to take my word for it. Demos are available for you to see how awesome these skins match up to your new Halloween goodies.

VIP Mansion Transforming into the “Mayhem Mansion”

The Transformation has begun! Carrie is busy busy.. turning the beautiful VIP Mansion into something scary, something sinister & oooohhh soooooo extraordinary! Since its her Favorite time of year I can only imagine what her creative side will come up with! I’m excited, Carries Staff is excited! Aren’t you excited too!! The big REVEAL day is set for Monday October 1st!! It’s great to be a VIP!!

If you’re not a VIP Member yet here’s some reasons why you should!

COST TO JOIN IS 500L! One time fee.

***Reasons to Join Carrie’s elite VIP group***
1. Exclusive access to the VIP Shopping Area – only one way in with your VIP tag.

2. First look and option to buy the newest Carrie Creations before they come out in the store at 25% off the regular price!

3. An entire shopping section of non-discounted items on SALE for 50% off the regular price!

4. Monthly Group Gift

5. Midnight Mania board with low daily target.

6. Special events where we give out 500L, 1000L and 2000L gift cards among other prizes.

***How to Join VIP*
1. Touch any of the VIP group joiner signs located in the store.

2. Follow the link in local to the group profile and click the JOIN button.

3. One time cost to Join only 500L

***How to access the VIP Area…..***
1. Come to the Main store

2. Wear your new VIP tag (very important to keep your VIP tag on while shopping in VIP due to security orb set to group)

3. You can use the TP* door at the entrance or simply walk through the New Release Pit to get to your VIP Courtyard.

4. Use the VIP ONLY TP* door located in the courtyard.

5. Up you go to explore the VIP area! Welcome and enjoy!

*TP Door – LEFT click to open the door; Wait a moment then LEFT click the portal inside to TP. (If you have blocked left click sitting in your viewer preferences, this door will not work for you.)

PRESENTING ::: Neveah “The Darkside”

October’s Limited Edition is OUT NOW just for YOU! Neveah, The Darkside is the perfect October/Halloween ensemble to take you through the season. This Limited Edition comes with the same pieces as the original (halter base, silks and dress options) but completely redone in black, red and sharp gold accents to give it that Halloween edge. In grand Limited fashion you get another look to this creation that is just WOW! Full ball gown, flowing sleeves and an ornate back decoration kick this up several notches to command attention everywhere you go as is befitting your Halloween Highness.


Pardon our Progress!

UpGrading our Vendor System

Carrie’s Lingerie has switched to the CasperVend vendor system! Here’s what this means for YOU:

1. Cleaner, more compact vendors with bottom arrows to quickly find the item you’re looking for.

2. Touching the vendors will include an option for INFO on the currently selected item.

3. New gift card system that attaches as a HUD and walks you painlessly through the purchasing process.

4. Ability to offer group discounts on individual vendors. (can we say customer appreciation sales?)

5. Ability to set up a Customer Rewards Program giving you Carrie’s Credit every time you make a qualifying purchase in the store. (details on this coming SOON)

6. Short on L$ and just itching to have that new Carrie’s Creation NOW? No problem! The CasperVend vendors now offer you more ways to feed your Carrie’s Addiction by accepting PayPal and credit card payments. (seriously, can it get any better?)

If you currently have a Carrie’s Gift Card, it will need to be replaced with a new one. Depending on the balance, there are 2 ways to do this.

1. If you have an EVEN amount left on your gift card (100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000), wear your card and BUY A NEW CARD from the replacement vendor located at the front of the store. You’re done and ready to go on a shopping SPREEEEEE!

2. If you have an ODD amount left on your card, create a FOLDER in your inventory and TITLE it with your USERNAME (not display name). Drop all odd amount cards into the folder. Send the folder to CARRIE BRIDGER. Carrie will swap out each card for a new one and send the folder back to you. Now you’re ready to go on a shopping SPREEEEEE!

Any questions about this new system can be directed to an assistant on duty, in the group chat or with an IM to NaughtyPrincess Milneaux. We’re excited about all the benefits the new vendor system offers our Carrie’s customers so STAY TUNED as more are announced. Thank you and Happy Shopping!


How to use a CasperVend Gift Card

Please note: Only 1 gift card can be used per transaction

Using the card is really easy, just:

1. Find an item you want to buy from a (CasperVend) vendor in store.
2. Wear the gift card, if you haven’t already. It will appear on your HUD.
3. Touch the vendor’s main panel (the center panel).
4. A picture of the product will appear on your gift card, and the price will appear in floating text above the card.
5. Just click “BUY NOW” to immediately debit your card and the item will be delivered to you!

If you have any problem using this card please contact the store owner.

5. If the card is enough to cover the outfit, yea you’re done! If not, follow the instructions to PAY the difference and THEN you’re done! ENJOY!

Carrie’s on the MARKETPLACE

Carrie’s Dreams-Main Store

Halloween Photo Contest!!

Summer has ended, the air is crisp and the leaves are changing colors. You know what this means, right? Yep, that’s right Halloween is coming up!!! It’s Carrie’s FAVORITE time of the year. The main store gets decorated and VIP is shut down for one day while it’s totally transformed into a Haunted House. So of course she wants to see how many of you Carrie’s fans love it too.

So I bet you are asking, what does that mean???

✯ It’s time to get creepy, mysterious, spooky and get a little kookey for Carrie’s Photo Contest!!!

✯ The Carrie’s Lingerie Halloween Photo Contest will run from Sept 21st – Oct 21st.

✯ Winner will be chosen and announced on Oct. 24th.

Here is your chance to show your creative side, think Halloween and use Carrie’s Lingerie to make a costume. You can win a 2000L GC. Just think of all the treats you can get, this is no trick.

✯ Judging will be based on how creative you can be with Carrie’s Lingerie in a Halloween Theme.
✯ If you use Photo Shop or any other editing program, you are not allowed to alter the outfit in any way.
✯ All pics will be posted to Carrie’s Lingerie Flickr page and the winner will be posted on the Carrie’s Lingerie blog.

✓ Take a spooktacular picture of yourself wearing Carrie’s Lingerie all Halloweened up. (There is a photo studio available to group members. You may use it, but it is not required.)
✓ Use your imagination, be creative (you may use editing)
✯ Spooky
✯ Creepy
✯ Bloody/Gory
✯ Zombie Nurse
✯ Vampire
✯ Witch
✯ The more creative, the better
✓ Place your picture in a notecard, naming the card AND the pic with your full avi’s name (username NOT display name)
✓ Drop the notecard in Neveah Lacombe’s mailbox (her picture) behind the service desk.
✓ Guys are welcome to enter too, just have to be creative. You can be the top winner!!!

✯ Must be wearing Carrie’s Lingerie as the main part of the costume (Must be recognizable by Judges)
✯ Be a member of the Carrie’s Lingerie group, Regular or VIP.
✯ One entry per person, please
✯ All pictures must be new and not from last year’s customer Halloween Photoshoot.
✯ Full avatar name must be on the picture or it will be automatically disqualified
✯ Current Carrie’s staff are not eligible.

✯ So get a witch’s shawl on.
✯ A broomstick you can crawl on.
✯ Come and pay a call on Carrie’ Lingerie.
*click, click*

PRESENTING:: Wedding Nites

Carrie’s Lingerie brings you 6 additions to the Wedding Nites Collection that every blushing bride (or those that pretend to be) should have in their honeymoon overnight bag. Remade in all white are:

~Carrie’s Coordinates~
Pure white with 2 bras, 3 pantie options, garters, stockings, pasties AND a new babydoll!

Flirty lace skirt, dainty poofed sleeves, all wrapped in silver and white for your wedding night.

White flowers trailing over skin and the sheerest of feminine chemises.

Bodysuit, full dress and hat are all included to take you from wedding day to night.

Stepping out of the vault in this re-release, Emily is back in her original form with body skimming nightie, half top and pantie and long skirt options.

See through white peek lace in a body suit and half top and panties option.

Whether you’re preparing for the big day, on your way to a bridal shower, or just want the purity of white to grace your skin, Wedding Nites by Carrie’s Lingerie has you covered.

Smile! You’re on “Candid Carrie’s”

CONGRATULATIONS to our 1st Candid Carrie’s WINNER!!!! Adorable Miss Foxykin’s!!! W00T W00T!!! She was in Carries when I stopped by tonight looking for our very first winner! She was wearing her Carries tag and was showing her WILD side! Carries fans here she is! our “Miss Foxykins!”

It was really great to see Foxykins get excited! Here is her reaction: Note.. in the middle of our chat below a song came on that summed up how Foxy was feeling!!!

[16:44] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): Foxy did you read the note card about our candid carries?
[16:44] Ŋєкσ Ğσddєşş Ŋєv Vєlαуştαr (neveah.lacombe): Smiles
[16:44] Foxykins: I did! Such a cool idea
[16:45] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): well DING DING DING!! You WIN!!!!!
[16:45] Ŋєкσ Ğσddєşş Ŋєv Vєlαуştαr (neveah.lacombe): ☆ W ☆ ☆ W ☆
[16:45] Ŋєкσ Ğσddєşş Ŋєv Vєlαуştαr (neveah.lacombe): ☆ O☆ ☆ O ☆
[16:45] Ŋєкσ Ğσddєşş Ŋєv Vєlαуştαr (neveah.lacombe): ☆ O ☆ ☆ O ☆
[16:45] Ŋєкσ Ğσddєşş Ŋєv Vєlαуştαr (neveah.lacombe): ☆ T ☆ ☆ T ☆
[16:45] Foxykins: yay!
[16:45] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): hahahha
[16:45] Foxykins: *dances*
[16:45] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): hahah
[16:46] Foxykins: lol I couldn’t resist
[16:46] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): What I’d like to do is have you come up to the photo studio with me and I’ll take a pretty pic of you for our blog!
[16:46] Foxykins: Nice! so cool!
[16:46] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): and thennnn give you your bonus goodie for wearing Carrie’s attire
[16:46] Foxykins: *is so excited!*
[16:47] Foxykins: this is why Carrie’s is the best store ever
[16:47] Foxykins: that and because she makes the best outfits ever 😛
[16:47] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): awwww
[16:47] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): big hugs to ya!
[16:47] Foxykins: *group hugs*
[16:50] Ŋєкσ Ğσddєşş Ŋєv Vєlαуştαr (neveah.lacombe): How exciting Foxy
[16:50] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): that is a really cute pose too
[16:50] Foxykins: i know! i am tingling irl, this is so cool
[16:50] Ŋєкσ Ğσddєşş Ŋєv Vєlαуştαr (neveah.lacombe): Giggles
[16:51] Ŋєкσ Ğσddєşş Ŋєv Vєlαуştαr (neveah.lacombe): First one, I believe
[16:51] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): yes she’s the first
[16:51] Ŋєкσ Ğσddєşş Ŋєv Vєlαуştαr (neveah.lacombe): ☆ W ☆ ☆ W ☆
[16:51] Ŋєкσ Ğσddєşş Ŋєv Vєlαуştαr (neveah.lacombe): ☆ O☆ ☆ O ☆
[16:51] Ŋєкσ Ğσddєşş Ŋєv Vєlαуştαr (neveah.lacombe): ☆ O ☆ ☆ O ☆
[16:51] Ŋєкσ Ğσddєşş Ŋєv Vєlαуştαr (neveah.lacombe): ☆ T ☆ ☆ T ☆
[16:51] Now playing: Lionel Richie – Dancing On The Ceiling
[16:53] Ŋєкσ Ğσddєşş Ŋєv Vєlαуştαr (neveah.lacombe): So cute Foxy
[16:53] Foxykins: *blushes*
[16:53] Ŋєкσ Ğσddєşş Ŋєv Vєlαуştαr (neveah.lacombe): I would pounce ya but don’t want to mess up the pose
[16:53] Ŋєкσ Ğσddєşş Ŋєv Vєlαуştαr (neveah.lacombe): Giggles
[16:53] Foxykins: *giggles* this is the coolest thing ever
[17:01] Foxykins: you just made my day
[17:01] Foxykins: perhaps my week
[17:01] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): good!
[17:01] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): Im really glad you won!
[17:01] Foxykins: and i’m going to disneyland on saturday, so that’s saying something :3
[17:02] Foxykins: this is way cooler
[17:02] Foxykins: me too! I love Carrie’s so much, obviously
[17:02] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): awwww
[17:02] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): big hugs to you!
[17:03] Foxykins: and it’s more than just the outfits, Carrie is amazing and everyone that works here as well
[17:03] Foxykins: *big hugs*
[17:03] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): enjoy picking out something you love!
[17:03] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): blows kisses and poofs
[17:03] Foxykins: I will! thanks again!
[17:03] Foxykins: *blues kisses*
[17:03] Foxykins: err blows
[17:03] Foxykins: hehe
[17:03] Foxykins left chat range.

Will you be next??? You just might be! Come to Carries and be ready to hear…. “Smile your on Candid Carries”

Updated Discount/Lucky Room

Hey Everyone! Come try your luck at our newly updated Discount/Lucky Room! Some of the treasures include…
1- You can now buy past Hunt Gifts! W00T W00T!!
2- Lowered the price of the Misc items Gatcha Machine only 25L!!
3- Added at least ONE of every item from the vaulted list.. If you got a vaulted item in the past… well we’ve changed out the outfits colors… and its only 50L!!
4- OOOO And we’ve added items to the Lucky Chair.. PLUS to get you in the mood for Halloween we’ve snuck in ELVIRA and renamed it the Un-Lucky Chair!!
You never know what you’ll find.. We don’t call it the LUCKY ROOM for nothing!! See you soon!

Remembering Scarlet

In this, our 2nd life, we remember Scarlet. Devoted and fun, sexy and silly, beautiful and full of life. In her time with Carries, we looked forward to whatever new hat she had found, how she would make us smile, and how she might brighten our day. Sometimes the sudden things in life make us that much more appreciative of the friends we find, and Scarlet will always be one of them. We will miss her gadgets, generosity, and faithfulness to her friends. She cannot be replaced, and she will never be forgotten. Thank you Scarlet for making your place in our lives, we will truly miss you, and always be grateful you were part of us.
Rest in Peace Lovely Lady…………….


Presenting SCARLET

Carrie’s Lingerie presents a release like no other with SCARLET, a brand new and unique design in honor of and named after a very unique lady. Scarlet Ansar was an assistant with Carrie’s Lingerie for over a year and recently passed away in RL. Scarlet was a very special lady, an integral part of our team and she will never be forgotten. With SCARLET, we are celebrating the fun, flirty, sexy lady who loved dressing up and wearing big floppy hats with absolutely everything. For those of you who knew Scarlet, we hope this ensemble makes you think of her with a smile. For everyone, we hope you embrace the fun and glamour SL has to offer and enjoy every minute of it.

SCARLET comes with 2 looks, both with plunging necklines, front lace collar, a midsection of sparkling lace detail, criss cross back accented with a diamond of lace and a super low-cut back offering a tease of what’s underneath. The bodysuit option has high cut legs and is perfect for the bedroom when worn with the sheer thigh high lace trimmed stockings or for looking glamorous on the beach with a matching hat for blocking the sun. The hat IS included with this outfit and it’s also MESH so please make sure you have a mesh compatible viewer to see the hat properly. The dress includes a calf length ruffled skirt and when paired with the lace accented gloves and hat is a truly elegant, fun and flirty look for a night on the town or when out shopping at your favorite upscale establishment like Carrie’s Lingerie! With stunning lace work and bold brite colors to get you noticed, SCARLET is a must have addition to your Carrie’s wardrobe.

Carries Dreams