Pardon our Progress!

UpGrading our Vendor System

Carrie’s Lingerie has switched to the CasperVend vendor system! Here’s what this means for YOU:

1. Cleaner, more compact vendors with bottom arrows to quickly find the item you’re looking for.

2. Touching the vendors will include an option for INFO on the currently selected item.

3. New gift card system that attaches as a HUD and walks you painlessly through the purchasing process.

4. Ability to offer group discounts on individual vendors. (can we say customer appreciation sales?)

5. Ability to set up a Customer Rewards Program giving you Carrie’s Credit every time you make a qualifying purchase in the store. (details on this coming SOON)

6. Short on L$ and just itching to have that new Carrie’s Creation NOW? No problem! The CasperVend vendors now offer you more ways to feed your Carrie’s Addiction by accepting PayPal and credit card payments. (seriously, can it get any better?)

If you currently have a Carrie’s Gift Card, it will need to be replaced with a new one. Depending on the balance, there are 2 ways to do this.

1. If you have an EVEN amount left on your gift card (100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000), wear your card and BUY A NEW CARD from the replacement vendor located at the front of the store. You’re done and ready to go on a shopping SPREEEEEE!

2. If you have an ODD amount left on your card, create a FOLDER in your inventory and TITLE it with your USERNAME (not display name). Drop all odd amount cards into the folder. Send the folder to CARRIE BRIDGER. Carrie will swap out each card for a new one and send the folder back to you. Now you’re ready to go on a shopping SPREEEEEE!

Any questions about this new system can be directed to an assistant on duty, in the group chat or with an IM to NaughtyPrincess Milneaux. We’re excited about all the benefits the new vendor system offers our Carrie’s customers so STAY TUNED as more are announced. Thank you and Happy Shopping!


How to use a CasperVend Gift Card

Please note: Only 1 gift card can be used per transaction

Using the card is really easy, just:

1. Find an item you want to buy from a (CasperVend) vendor in store.
2. Wear the gift card, if you haven’t already. It will appear on your HUD.
3. Touch the vendor’s main panel (the center panel).
4. A picture of the product will appear on your gift card, and the price will appear in floating text above the card.
5. Just click “BUY NOW” to immediately debit your card and the item will be delivered to you!

If you have any problem using this card please contact the store owner.

5. If the card is enough to cover the outfit, yea you’re done! If not, follow the instructions to PAY the difference and THEN you’re done! ENJOY!

Carrie’s on the MARKETPLACE

Carrie’s Dreams-Main Store


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