VIP Mansion Transforming into the “Mayhem Mansion”

The Transformation has begun! Carrie is busy busy.. turning the beautiful VIP Mansion into something scary, something sinister & oooohhh soooooo extraordinary! Since its her Favorite time of year I can only imagine what her creative side will come up with! I’m excited, Carries Staff is excited! Aren’t you excited too!! The big REVEAL day is set for Monday October 1st!! It’s great to be a VIP!!

If you’re not a VIP Member yet here’s some reasons why you should!

COST TO JOIN IS 500L! One time fee.

***Reasons to Join Carrie’s elite VIP group***
1. Exclusive access to the VIP Shopping Area – only one way in with your VIP tag.

2. First look and option to buy the newest Carrie Creations before they come out in the store at 25% off the regular price!

3. An entire shopping section of non-discounted items on SALE for 50% off the regular price!

4. Monthly Group Gift

5. Midnight Mania board with low daily target.

6. Special events where we give out 500L, 1000L and 2000L gift cards among other prizes.

***How to Join VIP*
1. Touch any of the VIP group joiner signs located in the store.

2. Follow the link in local to the group profile and click the JOIN button.

3. One time cost to Join only 500L

***How to access the VIP Area…..***
1. Come to the Main store

2. Wear your new VIP tag (very important to keep your VIP tag on while shopping in VIP due to security orb set to group)

3. You can use the TP* door at the entrance or simply walk through the New Release Pit to get to your VIP Courtyard.

4. Use the VIP ONLY TP* door located in the courtyard.

5. Up you go to explore the VIP area! Welcome and enjoy!

*TP Door – LEFT click to open the door; Wait a moment then LEFT click the portal inside to TP. (If you have blocked left click sitting in your viewer preferences, this door will not work for you.)

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