PRESENTING ::: A Carrie’s Halloween

Halloween is a favorite time of year in SL for lots of people, but Carrie simply LOVES it and it shows in this years Halloween Collection. We have costumes and new designs included alongside a sexy remake WITH matching skins and makeups and a new set of pasties! Have a seat and get ready for all of this Halloweeny goodness coming your way.

⚫ The MICKEY and MINNIE matching set is just too cute for words and LOADED with options. Both sets come with ears and tail (MINNIE’S sports cute red bows of course), white gloves with cuffs for the men and ruffles for the women, a face tattoo with whiskers and cute little mouse teeth and a prim nose to set it off. The MICKEY also comes with a yellow and white bow tie and gives you an all over skin with red boxers and white buttons to finish off his look. The MINNIE is decked out in red with white polka dots along bow accented puffed sleeves, cleavage enhancing dipped top, panties and a fluffy ruffled skirt. A black corset accented with buttons along the front can be worn with the top and you also get matching black stockings with cute little red bows. And speaking of bows, red bow pasties are included for when you decide to wear the corset without the top. Will you be cute and sweet or naughty and tempting with these looks included with the MINNIE?

⚫ For those of you who like hunting, GOLDIE may at first seem familiar, but GOLDIE has a few new additions that complete this naughty porridge stealing number. The brown corset with pink front ties has been separated from the light green top to give you an option of full coverage or going bare with optional puff sleeves and pink bow pasties to give you more options. The short ruffled skirt sits below a pink edged apron accented with a picture of the 3 bears. Bow accented thigh high stockings are also included along with a cute cuddly teddy bear to snuggle in your bed that’s just right. PAPA BEAR is also available as a matching boxer set for the guys.

⚫ GRETEL and GRETEL’S CANDY are here bearing sugary treats! GRETEL could charm her way out of anything when wearing this flirty and sexy creation. The red front tied corset can be worn alone for a naughty expanse of bare breasts or over the white peasant top that can be accented with white puffed sleeves. The green panties can be worn alone or as the base of a short mini skirt trimmed in lace. Garters matching the skirt trim lead to solid white stockings topped with more ruffled trim accents. A cute white apron and lollipop suitable for licking are also included in this very sweet ensemble. GRETEL’S CANDY is a candy covered expanse of boxer goodness for the guys.

⚫ IVY is truly a sexy and detailed body skimming creation. Green ivy wraps all around the material of the outfit and over your skin along your shoulder and down your leg where prim ivy fills out the detailed look. Brown vines wrap around your upper arms at the top of the long green gloves and repeats as the ties holding your top in place along your back. A head piece of ivy for your hair is also included and a separately sold skin is also available to give you a complete head to toe sexy ensemble.

⚫ All of the pieces of OBSESSION are back with a twist. Black spiderwebs cling to your skin while spiders skurry down the back of sheer thigh high stockings. Matching make ups are also available in all 3 colors to perfectly compliment your OBSESSIVE look.

⚫ WICKED is a new shiny and slick latex creation. Worn as either a body suit or full cat suit, both versions have a barbed choker clasp accented with a deep rich jewel and the barbs are repeated to reveal your breasts in a truly WICKED tease and also trail over your butt cheeks to draw the eye coming or going. Sheer stockings are included with barbs encircling your thighs and accented with another deep rich jewel on the side.

⚫ Brand new to the Carrie’s Collection is a line of fantasy skins! Dark and sinister to light and chilly, these specialty skins compliment the Halloween collection and other pieces in your Carrie’s closet. Fabulous colors and differently detailed faces make these skins unique, but you don’t have to take my word for it. Demos are available for you to see how awesome these skins match up to your new Halloween goodies.

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