On the 5th day of Christmas

Carrie set in place for meeeeeee …. The darling and delightful (Holiday) REINDEER-eeeeeee

Top – shirt and undershirt layers
Lower – pants and underwear layers
Prim Skirt
Prim Antlers with Bows
Prim Nose

Briefs – pant and underwear layers
*both sets include nose

Sold Separately:
Make Up – tattoo layer

On the 4th day ofChristmas:::

Carrie Set in place for meeeee .. The scrumptious and Delicious Mandyyyyyy….

Corset top with garters – jacket layer
Panties – underwear and pants layer
Santa Hat

On the 3rd Day of Christmas:::

On the 3rd day of Christmas Carrie set in place for meee.. All the pretty Coordinates as you can seee…. Yes the ohh soo sweeet coordinates to mix, match, or buy as gifts.. They are beautifully boxed and ready to go..

Shelf Bra – shirt and undershirt layers
Lace Bra – shirt and undershirt layers
Thong – pant and underwear layers
Lace Panties – pant and underwear layers
Boy-Cut Panties – pant and underwear layers
Garter – pant and jacket layers
Pasties – shirt and tattoo layers
*Sold in fatpacks and individually
**The fatpacks INCLUDE 2 pasties and BOTH garter sets for a super bonus value.

ADD-ONS Sold Separately:
Corset – shirt, undershirt, jacket layers
Underskirt – pant and underwear layers
Skirt Prim

Pant and underwear layer

On the 2nd day of Christmas :::

Carrie set in place for meeee, the Luscious and Lusty Lina…. Luminous purple with snowflakes and gold trim, Lina is scrumptious as ever!

Bra – shirt and undershirt layer
Long Bra – shirt and undershirt layer
Panties – pant and underwear layer
Mid Corset – shirt layer and jacket layer
Corset with Garter Belt – jacket layer
Garter Belt – pant and jacket layer
Pasties – tattoo layer

Purchase separately.. Matching make-up in a tattoo layer

And for your Partner the matching boxer or brief…Comes as a pant or underwear layer

On the first day of Christmas:::

Carrie set in place for meee..The cute and perky EVIEEE… Here we go! Carries 12 day’s of Christmas! And what a perfect way to begin with Evie! Mix and match.. And don’t forget the matching boxers or briefs for your special someone!

Base Set of Evie:
Bra – shirt and undershirt layers
Panties – pants and underwear layers

Add On Set Sold Separately:
Corset – jacket layer
Prim Skirt

Pants and underwear layer

Winter Cart Festival and Mini Hunt!

Come to the Winter Cart Festival and Mini hunt.. (find hidden ornaments) Going on NOW – Dec. 10th…

Winter Cart Festival <———– Your Sleigh Ride

Hunt for your Inner Slut

You know you have one! Here is the newest hunt that began today! It will run from 11/15- 12/15.. So raise your glass and say…”Here’s to the inner sluts within us all” Cheers!

Your Hint:: Well what in the world is that doing over in the corner?