Christmas Contest Photo Winners :::

HEY EVERYONE WE HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT! We have the Winners of Carrie’s Christmas Photo Contest! W00T W00T!! Congratulations to our First place Winner.. The Beautiful Ellen Reinerman… yayay! We Loved her photo and how sexy she looks wearing Jasmine.. Great photo Ellen!

A walk in the snow   Ellen Reinerman

Our runner up is this handsome yummy guy DariusSerpico Resident… We just couldn’t resist.. (Grin’s mischievously)

DariusSerpico Resident Carries 12 days of Christmas

Our 3 runner’s up did great and it was really hard to chose.. but we think you will all agree these pics are all great!!

Dia Zane.. Looks sophisticated and gorgeous

Dia Zane

Niki Lancombe .. ahhhh pretty Niki dreaming of a white Christmas …

Dreaming - Niki Lacombe

Istelle Resident … Lovley Istelle.. watching and waiting…. a very thought provoking pic…

Istelle Resident

Many thanks to all who entered! and Congratulations WINNERS!!!


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