Mandy Valentine ::

For day 2 of Carries “Season of Love” release we chose the Mandy. We loved the Holiday Mandy so much we brought it back just for you for Valentines day! In Enticing Sensuous Colors. The Mandy will surely please you and anyone who see’s you in it …

What’s included::
Top – jacket layer
Panties – underwear and pant layer

Valentine Mandy Blk Pink Ad

Valentine Mandy lilac pink Ad

Valentine Mandy white with pink Ad

And for all you Lola wearer’s Carrie has made Lola the appliers you can purchase separately..

LTA AD Mandy Black pink lace

LTA AD Mandy lilac pink lace

LTA AD Mandy white pink lace

Introducing Juwella:::



Yes It’s been wayyyy to long since Carrie released her sexiness.. But I promise this is worth the wait! Sooo to begin this “Season of Love” we will start with….. “The Juwella” .. She is very sophisticated and very very sensual! This will be a must have for your collection! PLUS for the first time Carrie EVER is introducing perfectly Matching PUMPS! No more digging in your inventory to find shoes that “Will Work”! These gorgeous shoes not only “Work” but add that vaaaa vaaaa vooom.. So come on down and get yours today!

NOTE:: The outfit and the appliers are transfer but the shoes are not… Shoes and appliers are sold separately

What’s included with the outfits::

Bare Corset – jacket layer
Full Corset – jacket layer
Garters – pants layer
Panties – pants and underwear layer
Bow – Prim attachment

Juwella Ad FP

Juwella Shoe Ad FP

Juwella Ad Black

Juwella Shoe Ad blk

Juwella Ad Forest

Juwella Shoe Ad forest

Juwella Ad Lilac

Juwella Shoe Ad lilac

Juwella Ad Pink

Juwella Shoe Ad pink

Juwella Ad Red

Juwella Shoe Ad red

Juwella Ad Slate

Juwella Shoe Ad slate

ANNDD you can purchase the Lola applier separately!

LTA AD juwella

Glitz, Glamour & Sparkle Hunt ::

Looking for our latest hunt? Come try your luck at finding this ohhh so sexy item…

Here’s your hint :: Twinkle twinkle stars of light, guide me to the gem so bright. When I don’t know what to do, let the light of love shine through.

GG&S Hunt sets AD

Christmas Contest Photo Winners :::

HEY EVERYONE WE HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT! We have the Winners of Carrie’s Christmas Photo Contest! W00T W00T!! Congratulations to our First place Winner.. The Beautiful Ellen Reinerman… yayay! We Loved her photo and how sexy she looks wearing Jasmine.. Great photo Ellen!

A walk in the snow   Ellen Reinerman

Our runner up is this handsome yummy guy DariusSerpico Resident… We just couldn’t resist.. (Grin’s mischievously)

DariusSerpico Resident Carries 12 days of Christmas

Our 3 runner’s up did great and it was really hard to chose.. but we think you will all agree these pics are all great!!

Dia Zane.. Looks sophisticated and gorgeous

Dia Zane

Niki Lancombe .. ahhhh pretty Niki dreaming of a white Christmas …

Dreaming - Niki Lacombe

Istelle Resident … Lovley Istelle.. watching and waiting…. a very thought provoking pic…

Istelle Resident

Many thanks to all who entered! and Congratulations WINNERS!!!

2 NEW Hunts:::

We have 2 more hunts that started on Jan1st and will be running thru Jan 31.. Have you made your New Years Resolutions yet? or should I say how long did it take you to break them?

First up is the “New Year’s Resolution Hunt 2013”

NYR hunt 1

New Year Resolutions Hunt AD

Your hint for this is :: Knowledge is the key this year and it’s time to get back to school. Have you seen my pencil? The teacher is going to use that ruler on me next if I can’t find it.

And since we all know your Resolutions wont last long 😛 So this hunt will be perfect its the “Darkness Behind Closed Doors 3 – Snowbound (DBCD)”


DBCDH Hunt set AD

Your hint for this one is :: Did you see that or was it just me? I could swear I saw a bunnie hopping through the store. Maybe it knows a safe place to hide from the storm.

Good Luck and have fun!!