Introducing Jazzy!! Jasmines Sexy Sultry Little Sister! She’s BOLD Daring and ready for you to SIZZLE up your COLD Winter nights!

**Available in VIP only until further notice** (25% off) Ask any staff member for details on how to join!

*What’s included Jazzy*
Bra – Shirt & Undershirt
Corset – Shirt
Garter – Pant
Panties – Pant & Underpant
Stockings – Sock

Jazzy Ad berry

Jazzy Ad blue

Jazzy Ad sage

Jazzy Ad Graphite

Jazzy Ad Red

Jazzy Ad teal

Jazzy Fatpack ad

**LTA Appliers sold separately**

LTA Ad Jazzy Berry

LTA Ad Jazzy Blue

LTA Ad Jazzy Graphite

LTA Ad Jazzy Red

LTA Ad Jazzy Sage

LTA Ad Jazzy Teal

LTA Ad Jazzy FP

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