Week-end Sales for 3/30/2013

Weekend sales at Carries.. 4 SUPER Bargains to choose from or get them all!

Candice in purple is the 69L Weekend sale item

candice purple 3.26

Emily in Pink is the Super Sale item (Love the Emily)

emily pink ad 3.26

Jasper in red is the 55 Thursdays item
jasper red ad 3.26

And Jenna in blue is the 60L item
jennablue 3.26

Hop abord the Tango Train

Currently we are in the Tango train hunt… Be sure and hop aboard and come to Carries! This isn’t just for you Lovely Lola wearers out there.. ANYONE can wear this outfit (well except you guys.. but then again you guys may want it too!).. The Lola applier is a separate item included.. Time is running out! You have until April 5 the claim this Snazzy Jazzy outfit….

here’s your hint :: The path to our appliers is clearly shown but your gift will be found embedded in stone.

Your prize!

Jazzy Golden Ad  HATT

Introducing Haley::

♥♥ Haley ♥♥
Need something for those lazy Sunday afternoons? Something comfy for watching movies with your sweetie or friends? The HALEY is just what you need! 6 fun patterns on MESH lounging pants with a cute tank to match. You collection isn’t complete without all 6 colors of HALEY.

haley ad blue polka

haley ad blue

haley ad fuschia

haley ad moroccan

haley ad pink polka

haley ad purple

Lola Tango Appliers have been made to match!

LTA Ad Haley Blue Polka

LTA Ad Haley Blue

LTA Ad Haley Fuschia

LTA Ad Haley Moroccan

LTA Ad Haley Pink Polka

LTA Ad Haley Purple

New Rawr Obsession Applier::

Carrie made me very happy recently! She made a Lola applier for my favorite Obsession outfit the RAWR! I was so excited because I wear the Rawr ALOT! Sooooo when she surprised me with making the applier I was THRILLED! If you don’t have the Rawr yet well what are you waiting for! Its Exotic, Very Feminine, Feisty and Eye-catching!

LTA Ad Rawr

(UN-offical pic of the Rawr *without applier*)
Wicked Game

Introducing “WILD BUNNY”

♥♥ Wild Bunny ♥♥
Looking for more than just the usual Easter outfit? Want a bunny outfit with some pizazz? Look no more! Carrie’s Lingerie presents “WILD BUNNY” for women and men. Charming, Magnetic, WILD and full of possibilities. Hop on down to Carries and pick up your “Wild Bunny”……

As always, you get 25% off the outfits in VIP.

Wild Bunny Ad

Just for you Wild Men! **Mesh Pants**

Wild Bunny mens Ad

LTA Ad Wild Bunny


Those basics we simply cannot do without, the Essentials, are headed your way. 6 New Spring color’s for you to choose from…

As always, you get 25% off the outfits in VIP.

What’s included::
Bra & Pantie Set on underwear & pant layers

Ess B&P Set Ad Light FatPack

What’s included:
One Pair of stockings on sock layer
Ess Stocking Ad Light FP

Lola Tango Appliers have been made to match!
The LTA will only work with the new release of the Essentials and not any former releases or outfits
LTA Ad Essentials Lights FP

More Lace Devine::

♥♥ Lace Devine ♥♥

Carrie added more sexiness to an already sizzling Lace Devine. She added 6 more Delirious colors. She changed it up a bit to show the pretty details. Lace Devine is so sexy you may want to wear it out as is OR wear it under a sexy open shirt.. Many options for you to use your imagination…

As always, you get 25% off the outfits in VIP.

What’s Included::
Bra – shirt and undershirt layer
Garter Belt – jacket and pants layer
Panties – pants and underwear layer

Lace Devine(new) Ad FP

Lola Tango Appliers have been made to match! .
(The LTA will only work with the new release of Lace Devine and not any former releases or outfits)

LTA Ad Lace Devine FP