Introducing Chedira :::

The CHEDIRA makes her way to VIP like only a true Diva can! Flamboyant details will accent all the right places with the bra, pantie, corset, garter and stockings. LTA are INCLUDED with the outfit! 6 stunning color combinations will bring out the inner diva in you all! As always, you get 25% off the outfits in VIP.

What’s Included:
Bra – Undershirt & Shirt
Corset – Undershirt, Shirt & Jacket
Panties – Underpant & Pants
Garter – Pants
Gloves – Glove
Stockings – Sock
Lola Tango Applier

Chedira Ad FP

Craving more of the Chedira? Carrie has heard your pleas! There is an optional Mini Dress add on with 2 more fantastic options. These are full outfits themselves with the Mini dress, tiered prim skirt and panties. LTA are also INCLUDED in this set!

What’s Included:
Mini Dress – Jacket
Skirt – Prim attachment
Panties – Underpant & Pant
Lola Tango Applier

Chedira Mini Ad FP

Don’t have the right make-up to live up to the Chedira? Guess what!

Full MU AD Chedira FP

Craving matching shoes? We’ve got them available for individual purchase or in a HUD driven texture change fat pack!
Chedira Shoes Ad fp

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