Introducing Elegance 2::

Introducing Elegance 2! A Stunning 2nd version of Carries original Elegance. This Eye-catching highly detailed ensemble is truly a masterpiece! Each color is a bit different.. Check out the gorgeous pics below and come on by and pick up the fat pack!

Currently available in VIP with a savings of 25%… Won’t you join today and start saving right away! (a one time cost of 500L)

Whats Included::
Top with and without sheer – bra layer
Bottom with & without sheer – underwear layer
Garter – pant layer
prim skirt – with resizer
gloves on some colors
extra pant layer on moss
Lola Tango Applier

Elegance 2 FP Ad

Elegance 2 Ad lilac

Elegance 2 Ad lime

Elegance 2 Ad moss

Elegance 2 Ad petals fuschia

Elegance 2 Ad pink

Elegance 2 Ad Turquoise

Introducing Sweet~N~Sexy

Right now in VIP and discounted 25% just for you VIP’s is Carries newest Sexy Sweet~n~Sexy bra and panty sets. Version shown is the full Fatpacks. There are smaller packs available. Also available with these is the underbust leather corset released earlier this year with the Stacy which goes PERFECTLY with these sensuous sets.

Join our VIP group and see what your missing.. Ask any sales associate for info or contact one of Carries Managers for full details.

SS Color Pack Ad blk

SS Color Pack Ad eggplant

SS Color Pack Ad forest

SS Color Pack Ad fuschia

SS Color Pack Ad Purple

SS Color Pack Ad red pat

SS Color Pack Ad Slate

Introducing Destiny Lights::

Just released Destiny in Pastels. So beautiful and elegant! Perfect to wear for a evening out dancing. After dancing you can change into the sexy Destiny Lingerie to heat up the night…. Come by today and pick out your favorite pastel or get the fatpack!

What’s Included:
Gown – Jacket
Top – Shirt & Undershirt
Lower – Pant & Underpant
Stockings – Sock
Gloves – Glove
Nighty – Prim Attachment
Gown – Prim Attachment
LTA – Dress Bra

Destiny Pastels Ad FP

Destiny Pastels Ad Lilac

Destiny Pastels Ad Lime

Destiny Pastels Ad Peri

Destiny Pastels Ad pink

Destiny Pastels Ad sea

Destiny Pastels Ad white

Going Bust in BETTY!!

Head on over to Carries at the Cleavage sim and pick up Betty for only 99L… You’ll find Betty out on the front porch!

Betty Ad

Carries @ The Cleavage Sim <————— Time is Tick Tick Ticking away!

Introducing Nev2

♥♥ Neveah 2 ♥♥
It’s a gown. It’s silks. It’s lingerie. It’s Neveah 2 now available in 2 stunning fatpacks of 6 colors each. Lola Tango Appliers included.

Top – shirt and undershirt layer
Bottom – pants and underwear layer
Bottom for gown – pants and underwear layer
Silks Armband Prims
Silks Front Prim
Silks Back Prim
Gown Prim
Lola Tango Applier

Neveah 2 Ad FP Gems

Neveah 2 Ad FP Mixed

Introducing July Limited::

Introducing Gigi!

Make way for GiGi! Welcome this gorgeous beauty who debut’s as your July Limited! As with all Limiteds, Carrie brings you something you can wear from the ballroom to the bedroom! Layer on piece by piece in anticipation of doing the reverse when you get home.
Lace edging highlights the fun fabric pattern that adorns the Limited GG. The flowing sleeves coordinate perfectly with the flowing gown skirt. A hairpiece adds elegance and fun. Coordinating makeup and shoes pull everything together. This breathtaking ensemble in blue is sure to catch the attention of everyone who sees you in it!

Limited GiGi what's included

Limited GiGi Access Ad

Limited GiGi Ad Backs

Limited GiGi Ad Fronts

Limited GiGi Ad Main