5000 Member Gift::

Our Reg Group has reached 5000 Members!!!! WTG Carrie!! This Gorgeous gown is only 1L! In order to receive this Luxurious Gown is you must have been a regular group member before the gift was offered in the store.. You can still however get this group gift by joining VIP…(lots of benefits to joining VIP) Ask any sales associate for details…

Destiny 5000 Member Ad

Introducing Trixie::

Introducing Trixie a simple but Sensual sexy body suit!

What’s Included:
bra & pantie layers
flexy lace skirt
Lola tango applier

Trixie Ad FP

Trixie Ad wht

Trixie Ad sky

Trixie Ad pink

Trixie Ad peach

Trixie Ad lime

Trixie Ad lilac

Going Bust::

Have you visited our store at the Cleavage sim yet? If not then head on down and pick up the Stacy in Eggplant.. It’s only 99L! The leather corset is also on sale with it for only 75L .. And remember you don’t have to be a Lola’s wearer to take advantage of this Fabulous sale!!!

Stacy Ad eggplant

Leather Underbust Corset Ad eggplant

Carries Lingerie @ Cleavage

Introducing ZOE::

By Popular demand Carrie has brought back Zoe… The favorite Naughty Schoolgirl just in time for class…

Currently available in VIP with a savings of 25%… Won’t you join today and start saving right away! (a one time cost of 500L) Ask any Carries associate the benefits of Joining. PLUS now there’s a rewards system! The more you spend the more you save!

What’s Included::

Sweater & Sweater with shirt on jacket
sweater on shirt layer
bra on bra layer
underskirt on pant layer
panties on underwear & pant layers (with and without garter)
stockings on sock & tattoo layers
prim – skirt – tie & collar
3 lola tango appliers

Zoe Ad FP 1

Zoe Ad FP2

Zoe Ad brown


Zoe Ad brt pink

Bright Pink

Zoe Ad green


Zoe Ad navy


Zoe Ad peach


Zoe Ad pink


Zoe Ad red


Zoe Ad turquoise


Zoe Shoe Ad FP

Zoe Shoe Ad Plaid FP

Introducing Calleen Darks::

Calleen Darks
You loved Calleen in the soft pastels , now come indulge in her darker side. 6 new sparkling colors to amaze you.

What’s Included::
Bra & pantie on pant & undies layer
Top on jacket layer
stockings & gloves
prim skirt

Calleen Darks Ad FP

Calleen Darks Ad grape

Calleen Darks Ad teal

Calleen Darks Ad fuschia

Calleen Darks Ad Red

Calleen Darks Ad Blue

Calleen Darks Ad Blk