Introducing Marissa::

Just released in VIP… The Marissa! She’s a spin off from the Sexy Mandy.. The Marissa comes strapless with delicate lace inserts for a steamy Enticing look that will keep your audience captivated….

Won’t you join VIP and start saving right away! (a one time cost of 500L) Ask any Carries associate the benefits of Joining. BONUS a rewards system! The more you spend the more you save! New releases are always 25% off for our VIP’s

What’s Included::
Top with garters on Shirt & Pant layers
Panties on underwear layer
Full make up on tattoo layer
Lola Tango Applier

Marissa ad FP

Fat Pack

Marissa ad lilac


Marissa ad peri


Marissa ad raspberry


Marissa ad rose


Marissa ad sage


Marissa ad teal



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