Introducing Sophie ::

Soft pastel colors with black lace that is sexy through and through… You can wear her with the corset or without either way she will keep all eyes on you…
Right now Sophie is in VIP.. ask any staff member on how to join and get 25% off the Sophie

Sophie Ad FP

Sophie Ad lilac

Sophie Ad peach

Sophie Ad pink

Sophie Ad sky blue

Sophie Ad mint

Sophie Ad hot pink

And the WINNERS Are!!!!

Congratulations to our Valentine Photo Contest winners! The staff at Carries wish to Thank you all for participating in this fun event.. Its always difficult to choose so we want you to know your all winners to us!

Couples Winners::

Jacobxyz & Princessehlena

1st. Jacobxyz & Princessehena


2nd. Dokitten & Garason

Lucien Franciosa, Sheryl Tomsen

3rd. Lucien & Sheryl

Singles Winners::

sweetctkitten resident _The Chains of Love_

1st, Sweetkitten

Stormiae Resident

2nd. Stormy

Photo Contest Carries Lingerie Shanya Soon

3rd, Shanya

The Stupid Cupid Hunt 2

Starting today 2/1/2014 – 2/15/2014

That Cupid, he’s so STUPID! Flying around, shooting arrows everywhere, flipping around making everyone dizzy, trailing little hearts wherever he goes. He’s trying to make love matches all across SL! He has no clue what he’s doing, going from store to store and shooting random things-he’s making a mess of the place, shooting anything he sees.

Here is your first hint:::

“What better match than the one with the same name”, was CUPID’s first thought.
He locked his arrow on his target………..and hit his own TEDDY BEAR

This clue will take you to the next clue.. Find all 5 arrows/clues and then you will find your final reward pictured below.. Have fun!!

Valentine Gracie Ad

Valentine Gracie Boxers Ad

Evil bunny’s blog link for info on hints and gift previews::

Want to join their group for inworld help?

cf5b5b70-3476-ad6b-9b05-ed710b367c04 (paste this in your search bar to pull up the group or touch any hunt poster)