Introducing Kacie::

Sexy Dark Lacy Mysterious Kacie! Super HOT and ready to fulfill your fantasies! You can find Kacie NOW in the VIP area at Carries. If you want to join our VIP group, yoiu can get Kacie now for 25% off. Theres a one time fee to join but the enefits exceed the joining fee (only 500L) Ask any associate for details.

Kacie Ad FP


Kacie Ad blue


Kacie Ad Lilac


Kacie Ad teal


Kacie Ad silver


Kacie Ad red


Kacie Ad Pink



Kacie heels ad FP

Kacie slink ad FP

Introducing Betsy::

Such delicate lace! This newest creation left me drooling! Carrie constantly surprises me with the detail she puts into her lingerie creation’s!
Betsy is now available in our VIP area for a discount of 25% off until it moves to the main store! Only 500L to join… Ask any associate for details!

Betsy Ad FP

Betsy Ad black

Betsy Ad blue

Betsy Ad fushcia

Betsy Ad purple

Betsy Ad red

Betsy Ad teal

Introducing “Wild Child” ::

Calling all you WILD Childs out there! Just released to VIP today is “Wild Child” Sizzling and Sleek!.. Gloves and feet both have slink appliers!PLUS SHOES! Selling separately we have matching Laced Stilettos… If you don’t want to wait for “Wild Child” to hit the main store I invite you to join our VIP, where you can IMMEDIATELY get 25% off this PURRRRRRRRRFECTLY Wild ensemble… only 500L to join..

Wild Child Ad FP


Wild Child Ad blk leo

Black Leo

Wild Child Ad leo


Wild Child Ad pink leo

Pink Leo

Wild Child Ad pur leo

Purple Leo

Wild Child Ad turq zeb

Turquoise Leo

Wild Child Ad zeb


Laced Stiletto’s

Laced Wild Child Ad FP


Laced Stiletto Ad blk leo

Black Leo

Laced Stiletto Ad leo


Laced Stiletto Ad pink leo

Pink Leo

Laced Stiletto Ad pur leo

Purple Leo

Laced Stiletto Ad turq zeb


Laced Stiletto Ad Zebra


Matching boxers for you Wild Guys!

Wild Child Boxer Ad FP