Carries Christmas Village Grand Opening Coming Soon!!

Every year Carrie transforms the VIP area into something spectacular! And this year is by far the Grandest!! For the second year in a row Carrie will also be opening up the VIP area to everyone! So on Saturday Jan 22 we will have the Grand opening of this spectacular Christmas shopping village! Everyday for 12 days Carrie will release a new outfit and VIP members will have the opportunity to purchase that outfit for 50% off! after that it goes to 25% off.. Non VIP members can also purchase these on day of release but will have to pay full price.. So if you’ve ever considered joining VIP now is the time..For a one time fee of 500L, you will right away get that fee back from all the savings.
The Christmas Village has lots of fun things to do while up there.. lots of photo ops, a Santa giving free gifts for the “nice” and a spanking for the “naughty”, a train ride around the area, plus each sexy staff member has decorated their own shop.. So Mark your calendars for November 22, Grand-opening day!

Carries Christmas Villiage

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