Day 4 of Carries Christmas ::

Day 4 of Carries Christmas is a Christmas Burlesque the “DIVA” One is in the traditional colors of Christmas BUT Carrie also chose to make this new Mesh corset in 6 colors! Come get the Fatpack or choose your favorite color! (you can gift these outfits through the vendor for Christmas) Remember 50% off today only for VIP members…

:NOTE: These do not have LTA Applier for the corset layer only due to the gorgeous lace at the top of the cleavage. Carrie didn’t feel that compromising her design would be beneficial. However there is a LTA for the Bra layer only! Sorry Ladies…..

Holiday Diva Ad



Diva ad FatPack

Fat Pack

Diva Ad black


Diva Ad blue


Diva Ad Fuchsia


Diva Ad purple


Diva Ad red


Diva Ad Teal



DIVA slink high shoes ad FP

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