Day 7 of Carries Christmas 2014 ::

How about adding sizzle to this years collection… Spicing up your holiday season is Lori arriving in 6 bold delicious colors! WOWSA! You will feel soooo Luscious dressed in these Leather outfits and well you ladies do know what the smell of leather does to a mans senses 🙂 No other explinations needed.. We’ll leave the light on for ya.. Come get your fav color or get them all (I did!)

Lori Leather colors FP


Lori Leather Colors Ad red


Lori Leather Colors Ad blue


Lori Leather Colors Ad choco


Lori Leather Colors Ad purple


Lori Leather Colors Ad rust


Lori Leather Colors Ad teal



Wicked boots sold separate in a fatpack or individually

wicked Boots Ad FP

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