Introducing Jessa::

What a lovely lacy ensemble the Jessy is! a soft feminine touch makes this simply beautiful! and you will also feel beautiful! 6 colors to choose from! I couldn’t decide so I got all six including shoes and makeup! Jessy will be in the main store soon! so if your not a VIP member then why not join today!

Jessa Ad plum


YIKES The Wine color won’t upload at this time!! see color in FP pic


Jessa Ad spruce


Jessa Ad rose


Jessa Ad midnight


Jessa Ad coffee


Jessa Ad FP



The Extras

Jessa MU AD FP


JESSA Slink Shoe AD FP

Slink Shoes


Reg Heels

Introducing Cali::

Introducing Cali! Cali is a totally hot sexy ensemble with a bit of history behind her… The first outfit was named Sweetpea.. (all pics at end of post) From there it became MY outfit 🙂 I say this because it was named for me.. “Ciaobella” That was so fun back then because I’d won a photo contest where the prize was an outfit named after you.. It wasn’t long after winning that I became an “official’ Employee and haven’t left. The next transformation was when Carrie felt inspired to spruce up the “Ciaobella” but when she was done it looked tooooo different! So it became “Calleen” Which is also named after me but in a real sense… and The latest version happened as Carrie is adding the new mesh body appliers and wanted to add them to the “Calleen” BUT guess what happened? Her creative genius took over again and now we have “Cali”! This time not named after me… But still just as stunning as the first but she’s added more sexy style with the long baby doll gown. I do say that “Cali” is certainly Enticing,Feminine and completely luscious!

Cali Ad FP


Cali Ad red


Cali Ad rose


Cali Ad peri blue


Cali Ad rust


Cali Ad pur


Cali Ad blk


Awwww the Memories 🙂

sweet pea final


Ciaobella Red


Calleen Ad White


Introducing Matt and Matti::

Hey all you snugly couples out there How about some adorable matching Jammies! Just in time for a fun Valentines weekend!

matti val ad fp


matti val ad red


matti val ad pur


matti val ad pink


matt val ad fp


matt val ad red


matt val ad pur


matt val ad kiss


Introducing Valentine Princess::

Here is another sweet Lingerie outfit in time for your Valentines day activities.. or for just sitting around looking all girlie and princess like 🙂 The cute skirt has a bit of a bounce , just enough to show your sexy bum cheeks.. You will certainly get attention with this luscious ensemble… (right now in VIP)

Valentine Princess Ad Omega FP

For Omega Mesh Bodies

Valentine Princess Ad Slink FP

For Slink Mesh Bodies

Valentine Princess Ad FP

For Regular System Bodies


When you love VALENTINE and GATCHA’s, have a look at the Nerdy Valentine Gatcha Event.
Carrie have 3 Gatcha’s there – 1 with Omega, 1 with Slink Physique Appliers, 1 with Regular Clothing Layers – with a NEW DESIGN in several VALENTINE Colors.

The event takes place until 13 February 2015

Nerdy Valentine <———-

Jill gatcha poster

Introducing February Limited::

The wait is over! And you can bet you will not be disappointed! Carrie has created another stunning gown just in time for all those romantic Valentine moments! The perfect gown to take you from ballroom to bedroom! Callista was so popular for November that Carrie knew everyone would love the Valentine version! I know I do! So come on down and get the February Limited and don’t forget you only have the month of February to buy it!

For Regular non-mesh bodies

Limited Callista Main Ad

Limited Callista info

For Slink bodies

Limited Callista Main Ad SLINK

Limited Callista SLINK INFO

For Omega bodies

Limited Callista Main Ad Omega

Limited Callista INFO omega


Limited Callista AD F1

Limited Callista AD F2

Limited Callista AD F3

Limited Callista AD F4

Limited Callista AD F5

Limited Callista AD B1

Limited Callista AD B2

Limited Callista AD B3


Shoes for both Slink and Regular feet

Limited Callista Slink High Heels Ad

Limited Callista Heels Ad

The Stupid Cupid Hunt::

We are participating in a new hunt: The Stupid Cupid Hunt 3. The hunt runs from Feb. 1-15th.

That Cupid, he’s so STUPID! Flying around, shooting arrows everywhere, flipping around making everyone dizzy, trailing little hearts wherever he goes. He’s trying to make love matches all across SL! He has no clue what he’s doing, going from store to store and shooting random things-he’s making a mess of the place, shooting anything he sees.

You are looking for an arrow. There is an example on the info-board left at the landing point.


“Love is in the air, floating around. Catch it if you can.”

Wild Hearts Ad