Introducing Cali::

Introducing Cali! Cali is a totally hot sexy ensemble with a bit of history behind her… The first outfit was named Sweetpea.. (all pics at end of post) From there it became MY outfit 🙂 I say this because it was named for me.. “Ciaobella” That was so fun back then because I’d won a photo contest where the prize was an outfit named after you.. It wasn’t long after winning that I became an “official’ Employee and haven’t left. The next transformation was when Carrie felt inspired to spruce up the “Ciaobella” but when she was done it looked tooooo different! So it became “Calleen” Which is also named after me but in a real sense… and The latest version happened as Carrie is adding the new mesh body appliers and wanted to add them to the “Calleen” BUT guess what happened? Her creative genius took over again and now we have “Cali”! This time not named after me… But still just as stunning as the first but she’s added more sexy style with the long baby doll gown. I do say that “Cali” is certainly Enticing,Feminine and completely luscious!

Cali Ad FP


Cali Ad red


Cali Ad rose


Cali Ad peri blue


Cali Ad rust


Cali Ad pur


Cali Ad blk


Awwww the Memories 🙂

sweet pea final


Ciaobella Red


Calleen Ad White


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