Day 4 of Carries 2015 Christmas Collection ::

Day 4 features meeeee showing off a STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS gown, that’s a brand new release called “Glenda”. Glenda was last years 2015 Holiday Limited, so this year she’s finally releasing the gown in 6 GLAMOROUS shades of Perfection. I’m really excited that I get to share Day 4 with my Favorite Lingerie designer Carrie! She is modeling one of my very favorite gowns the “GIGI” So for me Day 4 is my Favorite.. (I do love all the releases tho 😉



GIGI Holiday Main Ad

GIGI Holiday promo b1

GIGI Holiday promo f1

GIGI Holiday promo f2

GIGI Holiday promo f4

GIGI Holiday promo f3


Carrie 2015 chrismas promo gigi final 1

Carrie Modeling GIGI Gown

Carrie 2015 chrismas promo gigi final 2

Carrie modeling GIGI Lingerie



Glenda Ad Aubergine


Glenda Ad Chocolate


Glenda Ad Evergreen


Glenda Ad Merlot


Glenda Ad Onyx


Glenda Ad Prussian Blue

Prussian Blue


bella promo 2015 glenda final 2

Bella modeling Glenda Lingerie in the Onyx color

bella promo 2015 glenda pre 1

Bella modeling Glenda Gown in the Aubergine color

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