Day 4 of Carries 2015 Christmas Collection ::

Day 4 features meeeee showing off a STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS gown, that’s a brand new release called “Glenda”. Glenda was last years 2015 Holiday Limited, so this year she’s finally releasing the gown in 6 GLAMOROUS shades of Perfection. I’m really excited that I get to share Day 4 with my Favorite Lingerie designer Carrie! She is modeling one of my very favorite gowns the “GIGI” So for me Day 4 is my Favorite.. (I do love all the releases tho ­čśë



GIGI Holiday Main Ad

GIGI Holiday promo b1

GIGI Holiday promo f1

GIGI Holiday promo f2

GIGI Holiday promo f4

GIGI Holiday promo f3


Carrie 2015 chrismas promo gigi final 1

Carrie Modeling GIGI Gown

Carrie 2015 chrismas promo gigi final 2

Carrie modeling GIGI Lingerie



Glenda Ad Aubergine


Glenda Ad Chocolate


Glenda Ad Evergreen


Glenda Ad Merlot


Glenda Ad Onyx


Glenda Ad Prussian Blue

Prussian Blue


bella promo 2015 glenda final 2

Bella modeling Glenda Lingerie in the Onyx color

bella promo 2015 glenda pre 1

Bella modeling Glenda Gown in the Aubergine color

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