Day 6 of Carries 2015 Christmas Collection ::

Day 6 of Carries Christmas features a customer favorite the down home Dixie and newer release the Fierce, RAWRRRRR. Both very sexy and girly.



Snowflake Dixie Ad fuchsia

Snowflake Fuchsia

Snowflake Dixie Ad green

Snowflake Green

Snowflake Dixie Ad purple

Snowflake Purple

Snowflake Dixie Ad red

Snowflake Red

Snowflake Dixie Ad blue

Snowflake Blue

Snowflake Dixie Ad deep cyan

Snowflake Cyan

cat promo 2015 final 1

Cat is modeling the Dixie in Green

cat promo 2015 final 2

Cat modeling Dixie in Red



Holiday Fierce Ad frosted rose

Frosted Rose

Holiday Fierce Ad Ice


Holiday Fierce Ad plum


Holiday Fierce Ad red


Holiday Fierce Ad rose


Holiday Fierce Ad Spruce


Holiday Fierce Ad winter lake

Winter Lake


xmas promo 2015 Pandora (holiday fierce)

Pandora modeling Fierce in Frosted Rose

xmas promo 2015 Pandora (holiday fierce)2

Pandora Modeling Fierce in Red

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