Day 12 of Carries Christmas 2014

We’ve reached the last day of Carries 12 days of Christmas and her collection wouldn’t be complete with something lively and sparkly! One of Carries Classics was brought in to end the FANTASTIC Christmas Collection. the “Laria”! Laria has been around since before I came to Carries so those who have been long time fans have seen this stunning ensemble. 3 bold colors trimmed perfectly with gold lace, Laria concludes this years 12 days of Christmas…… We’ll leave the light’s on for ya 🙂

Holiday Laria Ad eggplant


Holiday Laria Ad green


Holiday Laria Ad red



Holiday Laria slink high shoes ad


Laria Extra 1

Laria Extra 2

Laria Extra 3

Laria Extra 4

Laria Extra 5

Day 11 of Carries Christmas 2014 ::

Looking for a soft sexy fluffy gown? Today we have Mia and for this season she has a gown version along with the sexy baby-doll lingerie that Mia is known for. The chosen colors are so feminine and delicate. You will feel like such a lady while floating along the dance floor with your date.. Carrie never ceases to amaze me with her brilliant creations! Come on down today!

Mia Iced Ad lilac


Mia Iced Ad pink


Mia Iced Ad sky



Mia Iced slink high shoes ad lilac


Mia Iced slink high shoes ad pink


Mia Iced slink high shoes ad sky


Introducing the 2014 Christmas Limited ::

Introducing the 2014 Christmas Limited… This gown has very special meaning to me and I’m excited that Carrie is releasing this gown for the very first time. Its been months in the making and watching the creation of this exquisite creation has been wonderful! It has everything you need for the Perfect Christmas Night..From beginning to end.. ENJOY!

Limited Holiday 2014 INFO

Holiday Limited Ad Main

Holiday Limited Ad b1

Holiday Limited Ad cocktail b

Holiday Limited Ad cocktail b2

Holiday Limited Ad cocktail f

Holiday Limited Ad cocktail f2

Holiday Limited Ad L4

Holiday LTD 2014 Ad L1

Holiday LTD 2014 Ad L2

Holiday LTD 2014 Ad L3

Holiday Limited Heels Ad

Holiday Limited Slink Heels Ad

Day 9 of Carries Christmas 2014 ::

Day 9 is one of Carrie most recent brand new releases, the Layna. A Perfect Blend of lace and satin in beautiful Christmas colors!

Layna ad Holiday red


\Layna ad Holiday trad


Layna ad Ice



Layna Slink Shoes Ad Holiday Red


Layna Slink Shoes Ad Holiday Green


Layna Slink Shoes Ad ice



Layna Shoes Ad Holiday Red


Layna Shoes Ad Holiday Green


Layna Shoes Ad Ice


Day 6 of Carries Christmas 2014 ::

For Day 6 Carrie reveal’s this STUNNING gown named Radience. If it looks familiar its fashioned after last years 2013 Christmas Limited. Every piece is crafted with perfection. This gown will be the perfect holiday dress for every occasion coming your way. And after the party….. wellllll as you can see the lingerie will make those cold winter nights warm up quickly….

Radience Ad FP


Radience Ad fuchsia


Radience Ad gold


Radience Ad purple


Radience Ad red


Radience Ad royal


Radience Ad teal


Shoes sold separate or in a fatpack

Holiday Radience slink high shoes ad FP

Day 4 of Carries Christmas ::

Day 4 of Carries Christmas is a Christmas Burlesque the “DIVA” One is in the traditional colors of Christmas BUT Carrie also chose to make this new Mesh corset in 6 colors! Come get the Fatpack or choose your favorite color! (you can gift these outfits through the vendor for Christmas) Remember 50% off today only for VIP members…

:NOTE: These do not have LTA Applier for the corset layer only due to the gorgeous lace at the top of the cleavage. Carrie didn’t feel that compromising her design would be beneficial. However there is a LTA for the Bra layer only! Sorry Ladies…..

Holiday Diva Ad



Diva ad FatPack

Fat Pack

Diva Ad black


Diva Ad blue


Diva Ad Fuchsia


Diva Ad purple


Diva Ad red


Diva Ad Teal



DIVA slink high shoes ad FP

Day 3 of Carries Christmas 2014::

Today we have 2 SURPRISES! Both outfits are my personal favorites! The Sami and Betsy.. Shoes are sold separate… Sooo What you waiting for ! Come on down and get the Sami and Betsy! And for you VIP members remember 50% off today only!

Holiday Sami Ad grn


Holiday Sami Ad red


Holiday Laced Slink Shoes Ad green


Holiday Laced Slink Shoes Ad red


Holiday Betsy Ad trad


Holiday Betsy Ad winter


Laced Stiletto Ad white