Carrie’s has been infected with BOOBIE FEVER! The first release of appliers for LOLA TANGO MESH BREASTS are here!

Starting with the holiday collection, 6 appliers are now available as add ons to the original holiday release:

LTA AD fireangel winter

LTA AD Greed Ice

LTA AD OBS Holiday


LTA AD Shiny Ice

LTA AD Shiny Traditional

Two outfits have also been selected to get the Lola treatment: CARMEN and SENORA.

LTA AD Carmen Fuschia

LTA AD Carmen Purple

LTA AD Carmen Red

LTA AD Carmen Sage

LTA AD Carmen Slate

LTA AD Carmen Turquoise

LTA AD Senora black

LTA AD senora blue

LTA AD senora gold

LTA AD senora lilac

LTA AD senora lt blue

LTA AD senora pink

LTA AD senora purple

LTA AD senora red

LTA AD senora sky

LTA AD Senora teal

The new Lola Appliers section is across from the New Release Pit (the 7 Deadly Sins Collection is now on the left side of the store with the regular releases). Appliers will be sold as add ons now and going forward as an option to a regular release. More appliers are already in the works so STAY TUNED!

*Only works on the Lola Tango Mesh Breasts (will not work on natural or pushups and have not been tested with other brands)
**Appliers do NOT include the breasts. You may purchase the breasts at the Lola Main store:

LOLA’s:::Natural Breast’s <——– Go get new Boob's then come see us!