Twisted Hunt::

We are participating in a new hunt: the 13th bi-annual Twisted Hunt……..SPECTRES……. which runs from March 5th till April 5th. Yes, that is right, the hardest hunt of SL.

You are looking for a cube. There is an example near the info-board left at the landing point @ Carrie’s Lingerie.

Hint: LOOK what’s floating there!!!!

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September 2014 VIP Group Gift::

Exclusively for our VIP’s! Your Free September Group gift! Want to join our VIP? Its a one time fee of 500L.. Ask any sales associate for details ūüôā

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Introducing “Wild Child” ::

Calling all you WILD Childs out there! Just released to VIP today is “Wild Child” Sizzling and Sleek!.. Gloves and feet both have slink appliers!PLUS SHOES! Selling separately we have matching Laced Stilettos… If you don’t want to wait for “Wild Child” to hit the main store I invite you to join our VIP, where you can IMMEDIATELY get 25% off this PURRRRRRRRRFECTLY Wild ensemble… only 500L to join..

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Black Leo

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Turquoise Leo

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Laced Stiletto’s

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Black Leo

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Pink Leo

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Purple Leo

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Matching boxers for you Wild Guys!

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Introducing Barbara Ann::

Introducing something so feminine and Pretty you’ll want all of them! Just in time for Spring to arrive! Come see the latest Style Carrie has Created!
Right now in VIP! Save 25% off this new outfit by joining VIP! A one time fee of 500L.. Ask any Carries associate how you can join and start saving today!

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Cherry Shoes (Sold Separate)

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Lime Shoes (Sold Separate)

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Pink Shoes (Sold Separate)

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Purple Daisy

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Sea Shoes (Sold Separate)

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Spring Burst

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Spring Burst (Sold Separate)


Sold Separate – MAKE-UP

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Re-Introducing Laria ::

Making a entrance back in to the wonderful world of Carries Lingerie is Laria. She Sassy Sexy and ready for you to come grab your favorite colors or just get the Fatpack! ¬†Additionally you can purchase separately shoes and make to mach perfectly…

Right now you will find Laria in our VIP area.. for a 1 time fee of 500L you can join and enjoy all the great benefits We have to offer. For instance you can purchase Laria at 25% off.. Ask any sales associate on how to become a member ..

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Limited Edition #2 for March 2014

For the first time EVER Carrie has released 2 Limited in one month! And we couldn’t be more excited! This winter has been so long and Cold!! So Carrie found a way to bring some Spring into our world! The 2nd release has just what you need to get you thru this rest of this winter season and thinking SPRING!! Such Delicate layers of ruffles to make you feel all soft and fairy like! And will certinly get your mind off the weather outside…

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Lucky Leprechaun Hunt ::

This hunt is a bit different. There will be no landmarks in the hunt prims. To get the next shop and hint please visit the blog. All updates will be done daily. Please be sure to join the inworld group I&R’s: Fun With Hunts if you need help.

Tabs on the side of the page, one is named hints.


Carrie’s Hint – Leprechauns can be tricky and their eyes look a little shifty.
Nothing else would do but for Carrie to keep an eye on the gold for you.

Lucky Sets Ad