Twisted Hunt::

We are participating in a new hunt: the 13th bi-annual Twisted Hunt……..SPECTRES……. which runs from March 5th till April 5th. Yes, that is right, the hardest hunt of SL.

You are looking for a cube. There is an example near the info-board left at the landing point @ Carrie’s Lingerie.

Hint: LOOK what’s floating there!!!!

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The Stupid Cupid Hunt::

We are participating in a new hunt: The Stupid Cupid Hunt 3. The hunt runs from Feb. 1-15th.

That Cupid, he’s so STUPID! Flying around, shooting arrows everywhere, flipping around making everyone dizzy, trailing little hearts wherever he goes. He’s trying to make love matches all across SL! He has no clue what he’s doing, going from store to store and shooting random things-he’s making a mess of the place, shooting anything he sees.

You are looking for an arrow. There is an example on the info-board left at the landing point.


“Love is in the air, floating around. Catch it if you can.”

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September 2014 VIP Group Gift::

Exclusively for our VIP’s! Your Free September Group gift! Want to join our VIP? Its a one time fee of 500L.. Ask any sales associate for details ­čÖé

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Introducing Betsy::

Such delicate lace! This newest creation left me drooling! Carrie constantly surprises me with the detail she puts into her lingerie creation’s!
Betsy is now available in our VIP area for a discount of 25% off until it moves to the main store! Only 500L to join… Ask any associate for details!

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Introducing Burlesque::

Presenting Burlesque! The very FIRST Mesh Corset Carrie has created.. and its a complete STUNNER! The details she has put into this outfit rival no other. Perfectly done!

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Burlesque Ad green


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Burlesque Ad purple


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