Twisted Hunt::

We are participating in a new hunt: the 13th bi-annual Twisted Hunt……..SPECTRES……. which runs from March 5th till April 5th. Yes, that is right, the hardest hunt of SL.

You are looking for a cube. There is an example near the info-board left at the landing point @ Carrie’s Lingerie.

Hint: LOOK what’s floating there!!!!

CB~Gracie twisted ad

Introducing Kirsten::

This little sexy pretty is going to have all eyes on YOU! She is sexy, sassy and snazzy all in one. She comes in SIX Color choices and for all the die hard lovers you can grab that FLUFFY PACK… Fluffy Packs are a girls best friend.

Also this is the FIRST release that you will be able to get your most beloved Lingerie that is available in SLINK BODY APPLIERS and OMEGA BODY APPLIERS. Yes Carrie has seen the light and we are so excited.

Carrie has made shopping for your appliers so easy! The Omega appliers will be in Pink Vendors and the Slink will be in Red vendors!


Kirsten will be available for all on Monday January 19,2015. As of this writing its up in our exclusive VIP area for 25% off….


At this point, Carrie make appliers for the Slink Mesh Body and Omega Appliers. The Omega appliers support several brands of mesh body’s, though not the Slink.

The website of Omega and Slink might have useful information, so you can figure out the differences and maybe figure out which mesh body you want to have.

Website of Omega:

Website of Slink:



Kristen FP Ad


Kirsten Ad blue


Kirsten Ad Choco


Kirsten Ad egg


Kirsten Ad red


Kirsten Ad steel


Kirsten Ad Teal