Introducing Katie::

♥♥Introducing Katie♥♥
It’s spring and time for a breath of fresh air. Katie brings you that and more! Six adorable printed fabrics with Bra, Corset, Panty, Boy Shorts, and a skirt. It’s sweet and flirty, just what you’ve been waiting for.

**Available in VIP only until further notice** (25% off) Ask any staff member for details on how to join!

What’s Included – Katie

Bra – Undershirt & Shirt
Corset – Undershirt & Shirt
Panty -Underwear & Pant
Underskirt/Boy Shorts – Underwear & Pant
Garter – Pant
Stockings – Sock
Skirt – Prim Attachment

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Katie Ad FP

**LTA Appliers sold separately**

LTA Ad Katie blk

LTA Ad Katie blue

LTA Ad Katie peach

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