Day 7 of Carries Christmas ::

For day 7 of Carries Christmas we have Princess. She is the Little Sister of the Queen of Hearts.. Come get your fav color or get the fatpack! ^ colors to choose from…

Princess Ad Aqua


Princess Ad blue


Princess Ad plum


Princess Ad red


Princess Ad rose


Princess FP Ad


What's Included princess

Day 4 of Carries 2013 Christmas ::

Day 4 brings out Carries Christmas Angel… The Calleen in Gold… Beautiful detailed sequins, covering this beautiful Angel ensemble..Wings are included… Something you sure don’t want to miss out on… and for 50% off (first 24 hours) for you VIP members you surely can’t go wrong..

Calleen Gold Ad

What's Included calleen

Introducing Carries 2013 Halloween Collection:::

HALLOWEEN has arrived at Carries… Carrie has created some FANTASTIC new costumes plus has made last years available as well.. This collection is right now only in the VIP area BUT will be down in the main store AND on marketplace very soon!

Join VIP and get 25% off plus a very NICE monthly group gift.. in fact there’s 2 seperate gifts this month! (hunt gift pic at end of post) One you must hunt for all the pieces (hud driven) and at the end when you find all 12 pumpkins you get another outfit! both combined (actually 4 …guys outifits are included) is worth more than the 500L to join the VIP

Ghost Bride Ad

☠ Ghost Bride ☠

Spider Lady Ad

☠ Spider Lady ☠

Alice Ad

☠ Alice ☠

promo witches

☠ Witch’s ☠

Witch Ad burnt orange

☠ Burnt Orange Witch ☠

Witch Ad grn2

☠ Green Witch ☠

Witch Ad purple

☠ Purple Witch ☠

Wicked Ad blk

☠ Black Wicked ☠

Wicked Ad purple

☠ Purple Wicked ☠

Wicked Ad red

☠ Red Wicked ☠

gatcha hats

☠ Gatcha’s Hats ☠

gatcha pasties

☠ Gatcha”s Pasties ☠

rare gatchas

☠ Gatcha’s Rare ☠

Last Years Collection……

Gretel Ad

☠ Gretel ☠

Boxers Gretels Candy Ad

☠ Gretel’s Candy ☠

goldie ad

☠ Goldie ☠

Boxers Papa Bear Ad

☠ Papa Bear ☠

Minnie ad

☠ Minnie ☠

Mickey ad

☠ Mickey ☠

Ivy Ad

☠ Ivy ☠

Obsession Hallo Ad FP

☠ Obsession ☠

☠☠☠ Fantasy Skins ☠☠☠

skin ad Demon Red

☠☠ Demon Red ☠☠

skin ad Black Fantasy

☠☠ Black Fanstay ☠☠

skin ad gray crackle

☠☠ Gray Crackle ☠☠

skin ad green witch

☠☠ Green Witch ☠☠

skin ad ice queen

☠☠ Ice Queen ☠☠

skin ad IVY

☠☠ Ivy ☠☠

skin ad purple fairy

☠☠ Purple Fairy ☠☠

skin ad Purple fantasy

☠☠ Purple Fantasy ☠☠

☠☠☠ Halloween Make-up ☠☠☠

Make-up ad hallo freak blood

☠☠ Freak Blood ☠☠

Make-up ad hallo freak demon

☠☠ Freak Demon ☠☠

Make-up ad hallo freak purple

☠☠ Freak Purple ☠☠

Make-up ad hallo ultra red

☠☠ Ultra Red ☠☠

Make-up ad halloween lime shadow

☠☠ Lime Shadow ☠☠

Make-up ad halloween lime

☠☠ Lime ☠☠

Make-up ad halloween orange shadow

☠☠ Orange Shadow ☠☠

Make-up ad halloween orange

☠☠ Orange ☠☠

Make-up ad halloween purple shadow

☠☠ Purple Shadow ☠☠

Make-up ad halloween purple

☠☠ Purple ☠☠

Make-up ad halloween red shadow

☠☠ Red Shadow ☠☠

Make-up ad halloween red

☠☠ Red ☠☠

VIP October Group Gift
Carrie's VIP October group hunt Ad

Introducing ZOE::

By Popular demand Carrie has brought back Zoe… The favorite Naughty Schoolgirl just in time for class…

Currently available in VIP with a savings of 25%… Won’t you join today and start saving right away! (a one time cost of 500L) Ask any Carries associate the benefits of Joining. PLUS now there’s a rewards system! The more you spend the more you save!

What’s Included::

Sweater & Sweater with shirt on jacket
sweater on shirt layer
bra on bra layer
underskirt on pant layer
panties on underwear & pant layers (with and without garter)
stockings on sock & tattoo layers
prim – skirt – tie & collar
3 lola tango appliers

Zoe Ad FP 1

Zoe Ad FP2

Zoe Ad brown


Zoe Ad brt pink

Bright Pink

Zoe Ad green


Zoe Ad navy


Zoe Ad peach


Zoe Ad pink


Zoe Ad red


Zoe Ad turquoise


Zoe Shoe Ad FP

Zoe Shoe Ad Plaid FP


Carrie’s Lingerie made some Huge Changes! We’ve UPGRADED the vendor system to offer copy only, with gifting options available (prim pieces are modify)… There are also NEW vendor boards to better see the GORGEOUS Lingerie selections…Outfits that had appliers in the store on June 27th will experience no changes. Outfits that did NOT have appliers in the store on or before June 27th will now COME with the outfits. For those customers who have already purchased the outfits, the appliers will be available separately for a LIMITED time. (August 1st.) Soooo Come on down, see the pretty new vendor boards and Pick up your LTA’s..

BONUS!!! There will be ongoing SUPER BLOWOUT SALES of the soon to be gone forever outfits (These will be the only items available for transfer) NO LTA”S for these sale items EVER!!!!

New Vendors_001

Happy Mothers Day From Carrie ::

Happy Mother’s Day all you Moms out there! Carrie has put out a cute Mother’s Day set for only 50L (38L for VIP Members) and a free full make-up to match!
Hugs Mommies and Everyone!!!!

Mothers Day Elise

Kittent MU Mothers day Ad

Introducing Chedira :::

The CHEDIRA makes her way to VIP like only a true Diva can! Flamboyant details will accent all the right places with the bra, pantie, corset, garter and stockings. LTA are INCLUDED with the outfit! 6 stunning color combinations will bring out the inner diva in you all! As always, you get 25% off the outfits in VIP.

What’s Included:
Bra – Undershirt & Shirt
Corset – Undershirt, Shirt & Jacket
Panties – Underpant & Pants
Garter – Pants
Gloves – Glove
Stockings – Sock
Lola Tango Applier

Chedira Ad FP

Craving more of the Chedira? Carrie has heard your pleas! There is an optional Mini Dress add on with 2 more fantastic options. These are full outfits themselves with the Mini dress, tiered prim skirt and panties. LTA are also INCLUDED in this set!

What’s Included:
Mini Dress – Jacket
Skirt – Prim attachment
Panties – Underpant & Pant
Lola Tango Applier

Chedira Mini Ad FP

Don’t have the right make-up to live up to the Chedira? Guess what!

Full MU AD Chedira FP

Craving matching shoes? We’ve got them available for individual purchase or in a HUD driven texture change fat pack!
Chedira Shoes Ad fp

Going Bust St Patty’s Event::

Another ‘Going Bust’ Event @ Carrie’s on the Cleavage sim! The theme is St Patrick’s Day! Go get your exclusive copy of St Patty Girl whether you uses Lola Tango’s or not! Through Monday 3/18 it will be available for just $L50! LTA included!

St Patty Girl ad

Carris @ the Cleavage Sim

St Patricks Day has Arrived::

♣♣♣ St Patrick’s Outfits have Arrived♣♣♣
Come grab some green before your luck runs out!

Celtic Katie

Celtic Katie Ad

♣♣♣Sold Separately♣♣♣
*The applier for the pasties is included as Carrie’s gift to you*
LTA AD Katie Celtic

Evie Mix Its

Base Set

Evie Shamrocks Ad

Corset & Skirt Sets

Evie CnS Emerald Ad

Evie CnS Shamrocks Ad

♣♣♣Sold Separately♣♣♣
*The applier for the pasties is included as Carrie’s gift to you*

LTA AD Evie Shamrock

March Limited:: Introducing Savana

♥♥Introducing Limited Edition SAVANA♥♥

Carrie’s greets March with the SAVANA LTD! Taking a touch of southern charm and adding the super sexy touches she is known for this is one not to miss. Sweet and Sultry combine in this creation. So many ways to wear it you just can’t go wrong! Matching shoes & make-up are included.

LTD Savana Info

LTD March Savana Main

Savana Ad front 1

Savana Ad Back 1

Savana Ad front 2

Savana Ad back 2

Savana ad make-up

Savana Shoes ad

♥LTA appliers sold separately♥