Going Bust St Patty’s Event::

Another ‘Going Bust’ Event @ Carrie’s on the Cleavage sim! The theme is St Patrick’s Day! Go get your exclusive copy of St Patty Girl whether you uses Lola Tango’s or not! Through Monday 3/18 it will be available for just $L50! LTA included!

St Patty Girl ad

Carris @ the Cleavage Sim

St Patricks Day has Arrived::

♣♣♣ St Patrick’s Outfits have Arrived♣♣♣
Come grab some green before your luck runs out!

Celtic Katie

Celtic Katie Ad

♣♣♣Sold Separately♣♣♣
*The applier for the pasties is included as Carrie’s gift to you*
LTA AD Katie Celtic

Evie Mix Its

Base Set

Evie Shamrocks Ad

Corset & Skirt Sets

Evie CnS Emerald Ad

Evie CnS Shamrocks Ad

♣♣♣Sold Separately♣♣♣
*The applier for the pasties is included as Carrie’s gift to you*

LTA AD Evie Shamrock

March Limited:: Introducing Savana

♥♥Introducing Limited Edition SAVANA♥♥

Carrie’s greets March with the SAVANA LTD! Taking a touch of southern charm and adding the super sexy touches she is known for this is one not to miss. Sweet and Sultry combine in this creation. So many ways to wear it you just can’t go wrong! Matching shoes & make-up are included.

LTD Savana Info

LTD March Savana Main

Savana Ad front 1

Savana Ad Back 1

Savana Ad front 2

Savana Ad back 2

Savana ad make-up

Savana Shoes ad

♥LTA appliers sold separately♥


Introducing Katie::

♥♥Introducing Katie♥♥
It’s spring and time for a breath of fresh air. Katie brings you that and more! Six adorable printed fabrics with Bra, Corset, Panty, Boy Shorts, and a skirt. It’s sweet and flirty, just what you’ve been waiting for.

**Available in VIP only until further notice** (25% off) Ask any staff member for details on how to join!

What’s Included – Katie

Bra – Undershirt & Shirt
Corset – Undershirt & Shirt
Panty -Underwear & Pant
Underskirt/Boy Shorts – Underwear & Pant
Garter – Pant
Stockings – Sock
Skirt – Prim Attachment

Katie Ad blk

Katie Ad blue

Katie Ad peach

Katie Ad pink

Katie Ad Purple

Katie Ad red

Katie Ad FP

**LTA Appliers sold separately**

LTA Ad Katie blk

LTA Ad Katie blue

LTA Ad Katie peach

LTA Ad Katie Pink

LTA Ad Katie Purple Flowers

LTA Ad Katie red


Introducing Desire::

Carries has gone and DONE it! She’s delved into the wonderful world of MESH!

DESIRE takes you into the night with an allure that he won’t be able to resist. Mesh goes super sexy in this short negligee! There is no alpha layer to hide your soft curves and a peek through to your bare flesh. 6 bold colors and 6 patterns ensure there is at least one for everyone.

We Strongly recommend that you DEMO this before making a purchase.
Because there is no alpha layer you may need to adjust your shape to properly wear this item.

*What’s included*
Mesh gown

~ Sexy Solids~

Desire Mesh Ad red

Desire Mesh Ad blue

Desire Mesh Ad cyan

Desire Mesh Ad fuschia

Desire Mesh Ad graphite

Desire Mesh Ad purple

~ Sensuous See Through’s ~

Desire Mesh Ad Blue Brocade

Desire Mesh Ad spearmint

Desire Mesh Ad Hearts

Desire Mesh Ad Pink Emb

Desire Mesh Ad red lace

Desire Mesh Ad WILD

Cupids Arrow Hunt::

NEW HUNT!!! Yes it’s in full swing so don’t miss out on this fun hunt sponsored by The “G” Spot

Here’s your hint: We send loving wishes to each of you today and hopes for a special Valentine’s Day..

This hunt runs from Feb 3 – 24…

Cupids Arrow Hunt

And your reward for a job well done…

Cupida Arrow hunt Ad

Valentine Natalie::

Day 7 of Carries “Season of Love” is the beloved Natalie… Carrie also created shoes and make-up to match this lovely gown perfectly… Natalie has fast become a Carries favorite and she wanted to offer it for Valentines day for those special nights out…

NOTE:: Appliers not available for this gown due to the quality of the gown was compromised and Carrie didn’t feel it would have been up to the standards expected of a Carries Creation..

Dress – Jacket layer
Dress with sleeves – Jacket layer
Bra – undershirt and shirt layer
Bra with sleeves- shirt layer
Panties – pants and underwear layer
Dress Glitch Pants – Pant layer
Dress Prim – Prim Attachment

Valentine Natalie Ad pink

Valentine Natalie Ad purple

Valentine Natalie Ad red


Natalie shoe ad pink

Natalie shoe ad purple

Natalie shoe ad red


Natalie Valentine MU pink AD

Natalie Valentine MU purple AD

Natalie Valentine MU rednblk AD