Day 7 of Carries “Season of Love”

Brings Mia. Mia is a baby doll ensemble and comes in 6 must have colors. Showing off her Smoldering Sexiness is Ella, one of Carries associate’s and models..
Come on by and meet our sexy staff!

Mia 2 Ad FP

Fat Pack

Mia 2 Ad blue


Mia 2 Ad brick


Mia 2 Ad pink


Mia 2 Ad purple


Mia 2 Ad red


Mia 2 Ad sea


New at the Cleavage Sim::

Begining today you can find the lovely Calleen in silver waiting for you!

Calleen Silver ad

Find her here …. <<<<<

Day 9 of Carries Christmas ::

For day 9 of Carries Christmas, Sparkle has arrived in 3 dark colors of Red, Blue and Green.. Sparkle will light up the dance floor this holiday season making you the envy of all who gaze upon you. Can’t decide on color? Pick up the fatpack… Christmas shooping is located in our VIP area which is open for all thru Dec. 31! Come see why its great to be a VIP!!

Sparkle Holiday Ad blue


Sparkle Holiday Ad green


Sparkle Holiday Ad red


Sparkle Holiday Ad Fatpack

What's Included Sparkle

Introducing Marissa::

Just released in VIP… The Marissa! She’s a spin off from the Sexy Mandy.. The Marissa comes strapless with delicate lace inserts for a steamy Enticing look that will keep your audience captivated….

Won’t you join VIP and start saving right away! (a one time cost of 500L) Ask any Carries associate the benefits of Joining. BONUS a rewards system! The more you spend the more you save! New releases are always 25% off for our VIP’s

What’s Included::
Top with garters on Shirt & Pant layers
Panties on underwear layer
Full make up on tattoo layer
Lola Tango Applier

Marissa ad FP

Fat Pack

Marissa ad lilac


Marissa ad peri


Marissa ad raspberry


Marissa ad rose


Marissa ad sage


Marissa ad teal


Gatcha Garden

Gatcha Madness!!! Beginning today you will find even more of Carrie’s bargains at the Garden Gatcha event… Come on down!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

gatcha all Pre Release

Gatcha Gardens <———- Lots of fun to be had!!

October is BCA Month at Carries::

October is BCA Month and Carries Lingerie is participating in this important event.. ALL donations go to Breast Cancer research .. The great part is you get the pictured outfit for your donation 🙂 There’s items for you guys too!! Plus we are part of the Don’t be Blind Charity hunt
Come on down!!

Don’t be Blind – Charity Hunt (hunt for the Cure) 10L donation 10/1 – 11/1

Hunt for the Cure Hunt Ad

ALL Breast Cancer outfits are NOW Available for Purchase! Go up the stairs on the left in the main-store!

BCA AD Sugar

BCA AD Carmen Pink

BCA AD Haley

BCA AD I Love Boobs

BCA AD Real Men

BCA AD second Base

Introducing the October 2013 Limited!! The Queen of Hearts ::

♥♥♥ Queen of Hearts Limited Edition ♥♥♥

Carrie has gone above and beyond to create the most fabulous and intricate Limited Edition to date!
Yes, it’s the Queen of Hearts Limited Edition!
Without further ado, I will let the pictures do the talking……


QOH AD full front

QOH AD full front 3

QOH AD full back

QOH AD back mini


QOH AD front jacket

QOH AD jacket back

QOH AD front lingerie

QOH AD front lingerie2

QOH AD Front underbust

QOH AD back underbust

QOH AD lingerie back



QOH AD mask


QOH AD Shoes

Introducing Carries 2013 Halloween Collection:::

HALLOWEEN has arrived at Carries… Carrie has created some FANTASTIC new costumes plus has made last years available as well.. This collection is right now only in the VIP area BUT will be down in the main store AND on marketplace very soon!

Join VIP and get 25% off plus a very NICE monthly group gift.. in fact there’s 2 seperate gifts this month! (hunt gift pic at end of post) One you must hunt for all the pieces (hud driven) and at the end when you find all 12 pumpkins you get another outfit! both combined (actually 4 …guys outifits are included) is worth more than the 500L to join the VIP

Ghost Bride Ad

☠ Ghost Bride ☠

Spider Lady Ad

☠ Spider Lady ☠

Alice Ad

☠ Alice ☠

promo witches

☠ Witch’s ☠

Witch Ad burnt orange

☠ Burnt Orange Witch ☠

Witch Ad grn2

☠ Green Witch ☠

Witch Ad purple

☠ Purple Witch ☠

Wicked Ad blk

☠ Black Wicked ☠

Wicked Ad purple

☠ Purple Wicked ☠

Wicked Ad red

☠ Red Wicked ☠

gatcha hats

☠ Gatcha’s Hats ☠

gatcha pasties

☠ Gatcha”s Pasties ☠

rare gatchas

☠ Gatcha’s Rare ☠

Last Years Collection……

Gretel Ad

☠ Gretel ☠

Boxers Gretels Candy Ad

☠ Gretel’s Candy ☠

goldie ad

☠ Goldie ☠

Boxers Papa Bear Ad

☠ Papa Bear ☠

Minnie ad

☠ Minnie ☠

Mickey ad

☠ Mickey ☠

Ivy Ad

☠ Ivy ☠

Obsession Hallo Ad FP

☠ Obsession ☠

☠☠☠ Fantasy Skins ☠☠☠

skin ad Demon Red

☠☠ Demon Red ☠☠

skin ad Black Fantasy

☠☠ Black Fanstay ☠☠

skin ad gray crackle

☠☠ Gray Crackle ☠☠

skin ad green witch

☠☠ Green Witch ☠☠

skin ad ice queen

☠☠ Ice Queen ☠☠

skin ad IVY

☠☠ Ivy ☠☠

skin ad purple fairy

☠☠ Purple Fairy ☠☠

skin ad Purple fantasy

☠☠ Purple Fantasy ☠☠

☠☠☠ Halloween Make-up ☠☠☠

Make-up ad hallo freak blood

☠☠ Freak Blood ☠☠

Make-up ad hallo freak demon

☠☠ Freak Demon ☠☠

Make-up ad hallo freak purple

☠☠ Freak Purple ☠☠

Make-up ad hallo ultra red

☠☠ Ultra Red ☠☠

Make-up ad halloween lime shadow

☠☠ Lime Shadow ☠☠

Make-up ad halloween lime

☠☠ Lime ☠☠

Make-up ad halloween orange shadow

☠☠ Orange Shadow ☠☠

Make-up ad halloween orange

☠☠ Orange ☠☠

Make-up ad halloween purple shadow

☠☠ Purple Shadow ☠☠

Make-up ad halloween purple

☠☠ Purple ☠☠

Make-up ad halloween red shadow

☠☠ Red Shadow ☠☠

Make-up ad halloween red

☠☠ Red ☠☠

VIP October Group Gift
Carrie's VIP October group hunt Ad

Introducing Calleen Darks::

Calleen Darks
You loved Calleen in the soft pastels , now come indulge in her darker side. 6 new sparkling colors to amaze you.

What’s Included::
Bra & pantie on pant & undies layer
Top on jacket layer
stockings & gloves
prim skirt

Calleen Darks Ad FP

Calleen Darks Ad grape

Calleen Darks Ad teal

Calleen Darks Ad fuschia

Calleen Darks Ad Red

Calleen Darks Ad Blue

Calleen Darks Ad Blk

Introducing Elegance 2::

Introducing Elegance 2! A Stunning 2nd version of Carries original Elegance. This Eye-catching highly detailed ensemble is truly a masterpiece! Each color is a bit different.. Check out the gorgeous pics below and come on by and pick up the fat pack!

Currently available in VIP with a savings of 25%… Won’t you join today and start saving right away! (a one time cost of 500L)

Whats Included::
Top with and without sheer – bra layer
Bottom with & without sheer – underwear layer
Garter – pant layer
prim skirt – with resizer
gloves on some colors
extra pant layer on moss
Lola Tango Applier

Elegance 2 FP Ad

Elegance 2 Ad lilac

Elegance 2 Ad lime

Elegance 2 Ad moss

Elegance 2 Ad petals fuschia

Elegance 2 Ad pink

Elegance 2 Ad Turquoise