Winning at Carrie’s is Easy!

The winners just keep rolling in at Carrie’s! Here is our latest Candid Carries Winner…. All she had to do to win was be a shopper at Carries! So here she is (drum roll please) The Pretty, Perky, Smiling Princess Naughty and WILD (barbie65)!!! *The crowd claps wildly*

[07:03] Carrie (carrie.bridger): Hi Barbie
[07:04] Princess Naughty and WILD (barbie65): hello
[07:05] Carrie left chat range.
[07:06] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): have you heard about our Candid Carries?
[07:06] Princess Naughty and WILD (barbie65): i get mine in vip
[07:06] Princess Naughty and WILD (barbie65): what about them
[07:06] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): the candid carries contest
[07:06] Princess Naughty and WILD (barbie65): n yes but forget what it is
[07:06] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): hahah
[07:07] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): to win it
[07:07] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): you have to be wearing your carries tag
[07:07] Princess Naughty and WILD (barbie65): points
[07:07] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): and be approached by me
[07:07] Princess Naughty and WILD (barbie65): ok
[07:08] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): and if your wearing a carries outfit you win a bonus
[07:08] Princess Naughty and WILD (barbie65): point to outfit
[07:08] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): soooooooooo Princess guess what?
[07:08] Princess Naughty and WILD (barbie65): i won soemthing
[07:08] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): Your my newest Winner
[07:08] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): Yup
[07:08] Princess Naughty and WILD (barbie65): giggles cool
[07:08] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): hahaha
[07:08] Princess Naughty and WILD (barbie65): did i win a kendoll
[07:08] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): do you have time for me to take you to the photo studio?
[07:09] Princess Naughty and WILD (barbie65): sure
[07:09] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): ok
[07:09] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): you win a gift card!
[07:09] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): and your photo will go on our blog as the latest Candid Carries winner
[07:09] Princess Naughty and WILD (barbie65): cool
[07:10] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): ok lets go
[07:10] Princess Naughty and WILD left chat range.
[07:10] Princess Naughty and WILD entered chat range (17.58 m).
[07:11] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): hmm lets see here
[07:11] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): lets try that pose stand the pink one
[07:11] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): hop up on it
[07:12] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): ooo that’s cute
[07:12] Princess Naughty and WILD (barbie65): smiles
[07:13] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): i’ll send you a pic of it when im done
[07:13] Princess Naughty and WILD (barbie65): ty
[07:14] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): im not done
[07:14] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): hahaha
[07:14] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): im a perfectionist so give me a lil it longer
[07:17] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): ok all done
[07:17] Princess Naughty and WILD (barbie65): you sure
[07:17] Princess Naughty and WILD (barbie65): winks
[07:17] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): and let me dig into my inventory for your bonus
[07:18] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): there you go
[07:18] Princess Naughty and WILD (barbie65): nice ty
[07:18] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): your welcome
[07:18] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): do I have yiour permission to use our chat?
[07:18] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): for our log?
[07:18] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): blog!
[07:18] Princess Naughty and WILD (barbie65): sure
[07:18] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): LOL
[07:18] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): wonderful
[07:18] Princess Naughty and WILD (barbie65): i love carries i bring or force friends here all time
[07:19] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): hahayay
[07:19] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): Thanks sooo much for eing such a good customer
[07:19] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): add a b
[07:19] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): my b key!
[07:19] Princess Naughty and WILD (barbie65): giggles your welcome
[07:20] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): I hope you have a great day today!
[07:20] Princess Naughty and WILD (barbie65): you too hugs
[07:20] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): laffs and gives you biggg huggles

Halloween Photo Contest Winner’s

All the Staff at Carrie’s wants to thank EVERYONE who participated in this years Annual Customer Halloween Photo Contest. We had a HUGE turn out so as you can imagine the competition was tough! So after carefully looking each entry over we unanimously chose …………………. TAAAAAA DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA………………………….. The Lovely Flaming HAWT AnjelinaDeLuna Resident… *Confetti and balloons are released from the ceiling covering Anjeina (and everyone around)*

Here she is our WINNER! As you can see She’s ohhh SO SMOKING and dressed to kill in Carrie’s original “Wrath” SUPER Job Anjelina! We Love how you captured a great Halloween look! And here is our Winner’s reaction when Nev contacted her..

[2012/10/24 20:02] Anjelina Constantine (anjelinadeluna): SQUEALS!!!
[2012/10/24 20:02] Anjelina Constantine (anjelinadeluna): OMG I CANT BELIVE ITTTTTT
[2012/10/24 20:02] Anjelina Constantine (anjelinadeluna): ty ty ty ty 😀
[2012/10/24 20:02] Ŋєкσ Ğσddєşş Ŋєv Vєlαуştαr (neveah.lacombe): The pic was AWESOME!!!
[2012/10/24 20:02] Anjelina Constantine (anjelinadeluna): TY 😀
[2012/10/24 20:03] Anjelina Constantine (anjelinadeluna): omg im still stunned, i cant stop smiling ^^
[2012/10/24 20:03] Anjelina Constantine (anjelinadeluna): hehehehe okies ^^
[2012/10/24 20:03] Ŋєкσ Ğσddєşş Ŋєv Vєlαуştαr (neveah.lacombe): Hugs her
[2012/10/24 20:03] Ŋєкσ Ğσddєşş Ŋєv Vєlαуştαr (neveah.lacombe): I am SOOOOO Happy for you
[2012/10/24 20:03] Anjelina Constantine (anjelinadeluna): TY! 😀 omg i am in shock, giggles
[2012/10/24 20:03] Ŋєкσ Ğσddєşş Ŋєv Vєlαуştαr (neveah.lacombe): Giggles
[2012/10/24 20:04] Anjelina Constantine (anjelinadeluna): giggles
[2012/10/24 20:04] Anjelina Constantine (anjelinadeluna): 2000 GC, now i gotta figure out something I dont already own, baahaha
[2012/10/24 20:04] Ŋєкσ Ğσddєşş Ŋєv Vєlαуştαr (neveah.lacombe): Mhmmm
[2012/10/24 20:04] Anjelina Constantine (anjelinadeluna): any peaks at the next limited, huh huh huh 😉 lol
[2012/10/24 20:04] Anjelina Constantine (anjelinadeluna): jk giggles
[2012/10/24 20:05] Anjelina Constantine (anjelinadeluna): *squealssss* lol


In this ohhhh so close contest we Present our Runner up wearing Misha (outfit retired) the lovely very Mysterious Dia Zane!! In our chat about her pic.. We were all drawn in by the Captivating use of lighting …We loved everything about this Eye-catching pic! Thanks Dia! *Giant Applause*

Our Honorable Mention’s

Like I said we had soo many great pics to choose from we HAD to include some that intrigued us and the next 2 pics were our choices for showing great creativity.

We loved GloriaSilverston’s beautiful pic. She STUNNING wearing GREED in her Mystical out-of-this World pic! Gorgeous effects Gloria!

What Halloween is complete without something Gruesome! This *WAS* Isobelle Hanly! Looking very Un-“Devine”…. Carrie said she really liked her Dramatic goose-bumpy feeling Isobelle captured in this pic.. We all stared in horror and fascination! Great Halloween Pic Isobelle!


We were all excited when we saw the guys join in on the fun! Don’t you agree! They look GREAT wearing their Carrie’s boxers.. Thanks Guys!

Here’s BretRedford looking all studly and green in his Halloween Boxers! Who wouldn’t want to have a date with this Charming Handsome Monster! Well done Bret!

WE all had a big chuckle over Phred Coronet’s pic here… RUN PHRED RUNNNNNNNNNN!!! I have a feeling Beefy Dashing Phred (and his pumpkin boxers) escaped the scathe and the Angel of death “THIS TIME”!

And here we have a bloody GrantRichmond. He still looks Innocently Hot-Blooded in his Silky Carries boxers

Fall Coordinates have ARRIVED!

Carrie’s Lingerie’s most versatile mix -n- match coordinates set is back in new fall colors and patterns! Available in fatpacks or individually for your mix -n- matching fun.

For the women:
CARRIE’S COORDINATES begin with a bra and pantie set with 5 pieces to choose from. The 2 halter style bras have fun patterns and solids that flow over the half cups to the back button enclosure. The lace bra has a feminine lace design making up the top of the cup to offer a more modest and traditional look. The shelf bra, however, nixes the lace to leave your nipples bare in a daring tease of will they or won’t they fall out?! THREE pantie options are available offering completely different looks; matching both bras in pattern and color choices. The lace panties have a flirty bow in the center and lace trim along the front and back. The thong has nothing but a few strings of colored material to keep that front panel in place. New to the Carrie’s Lingerie line-up is the third pantie option: the BOY-CUT PANTIE! The boy-cut pantie is a sleek full coverage option that can be worn as a lingerie/swimsuit set with the coordinating bras or as super cute shorts. Also available are matching lace garters with lace accented sheer thigh high stockings. The bows of the garters match all the colors available in the collection.

Pieces are mix -n- matchable between sets:

*Sold in fatpacks and individually
**The fatpacks INCLUDE the pasties and BOTH garter/stockings sets for a super bonus value.

Shelf Bra – shirt and undershirt layers
Lace Bra – shirt and undershirt layers
Thong – pant and underwear layers
Lace Panties – pant and underwear layers
Boy-Cut Panties – pant and underwear layers
Garter – pant and jacket layers

Sold separately are corsets and skirts in the same colors and patterns as the sets.

In VIP only, you can buy the additional pasties separately. Once the collection hits the main store, you get to try your luck with a new fall pastie gacha!

For the men:
The FALL COORDINATES also has two options for the men: the boxers and the briefs. The traditional Carrie’s boxers and teasingly revealing briefs of this collection perfectly match it’s female counterparts in both pattern and color. Available individually or as a fatpack.

Briefs – pant and underwear layers
Boxers – pant and underwear layers
–Sold individually and in fatpacks

Sets match the women’s coordinates:

New Winner for Candid Carries!!

Today was Cindy Haiku’s lucky day! She came into the store, was wearing her Carrie’s tag. She was dressed in one of Carrie’s Limited outfits “Greed” .. It was a simple as that!
Sooo Ladies and Gentlemen.. Presenting our newest Candid Carries WINNER The Beautiful Angelic CINDY!!!!

[07:34] Cindy Haiku entered chat range (18.82 m).
[07:34] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): Hi Cindy! Welcome to Carries
[07:34] ƈǟֆɛʏ ɦǟʟʄքɨռȶ (kc.bluestar): ¡oןןǝɥ Cindy
[07:34] ƈǟֆɛʏ ɦǟʟʄքɨռȶ (kc.bluestar): welcome to Carrie’s
[07:34] Cindy Haiku: Hello and thank you
[07:34] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): yw :))
[07:37] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): how are you today cindy?
[07:38] Cindy Haiku: i am fantastic thankyou for asking. How are you?
[07:38] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): im doing wonderful!
[07:38] ƈǟֆɛʏ ɦǟʟʄքɨռȶ entered chat range (19.77 m).
[07:38] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): have you heard of our Candid Carrie contest?
[07:39] Cindy Haiku: no
[07:39] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): grins
[07:39] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): well let me tell you about it
[07:39] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): its simple
[07:39] Cindy Haiku: sure 🙂
[07:39] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): you come to Carries
[07:39] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): wear you tag
[07:39] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): and have a outfit on that’s Carries
[07:40] Cindy Haiku: uhuh…three ticks for me so far
[07:40] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): and if I approach you
[07:40] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): you win
[07:40] Cindy Haiku: oh yay!
[07:40] Cindy Haiku: hehe
[07:40] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): so today you win
[07:40] Cindy Haiku: ummm, but what do I win?
[07:41] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): first I ask if I can take your pic for our blog
[07:41] Cindy Haiku: yes sure
[07:41] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): ok
[07:41] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): you will win a gift card
[07:41] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): after your patient with me for taking your lovely pic
[07:41] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): laffs
[07:42] Cindy Haiku: sure 😀 sounds fun
[07:42] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): do you have time ?
[07:42] ƈǟֆɛʏ ɦǟʟʄքɨռȶ (kc.bluestar): shes a perfectionist giggles
[07:42] Cindy Haiku: just pose her is ok? i turned my AO off so I am not bouncing around so much
[07:42] Cindy Haiku: here*
[07:42] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): lets run upstairs to the photo studio
[07:42] Cindy Haiku: oh ok
[07:42] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): theres some nice backgrounds
[07:43] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): this one will be nice
[07:43] Cindy Haiku: wings off?
[07:43] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): noooo
[07:43] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): leave yourself just like that
[07:44] Cindy Haiku: kk
[07:44] Cindy Haiku: hehe this is kewl…never been asked to pose for a photo before
[07:45] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): hahaha
[07:45] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): its your lucky day!
[07:45] Cindy Haiku: yes!
[07:47] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): i’ll send you a copy of the pic too
[07:48] Cindy Haiku: great thanks, I will update my profile pic with it :))
[07:48] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): ok all done
[07:48] Cindy Haiku: well that didnt hurt at all
[07:48] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): let me find your reward
[07:49] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): its a lil way we show how much we appreciate you as a Carries customer
[07:49] Cindy Haiku: awww thanksss
[07:49] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): yw
[07:50] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): its buried in my inventory
[07:50] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): so hang on a min
[07:50] ƈǟֆɛʏ ɦǟʟʄքɨռȶ (kc.bluestar): thats going to be an awesome picture
[07:50] Cindy Haiku: ok
[07:51] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): there you go
[07:51] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): do I have your permission to use our chat for the blog?
[07:51] Cindy Haiku: i love this outfit, the way the satin looks so real and the lace so detailed
[07:51] Cindy Haiku: yes sure
[07:51] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): wonderful
[07:51] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): i love that outfit too
[07:51] Cindy Haiku: YAY, thankyou so much
[07:52] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): it caught my eye when you came in
[07:52] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): your welcome!
[07:52] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): do you know how to use that gift card?
[07:52] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): its really easy
[07:52] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): just wear it
[07:53] Cindy Haiku: yes sure, and when i purchase is there an option to use gift card then?
[07:53] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): yes
[07:53] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): Thanks for coming in today Cindy!
[07:53] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): I’ll do a write up on our blog in a lil while and send you the link
[07:53] Cindy Haiku: oh I am so glad I came in today now hehe
[07:53] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): and send you a pic
[07:54] Cindy Haiku: yes
[07:54] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): I hope the rest of your day is special!
[07:54] Cindy Haiku: oh i dont think it can get better than this now
[07:54] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): grins
[07:54] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): good
[07:54] Cindy Haiku: this is the cherry ontop lol!
[07:55] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): big hugs to you!!!
[07:55] Cindy Haiku: *hugs*
[07:55] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): throws confetti
[07:55] Cindy Haiku: lol
[07:55] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): giggles
[07:55] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): ok off to go back down and work
[07:55] ℭiaoℬella ℳirabella (ciaobella.mirabella): bye cindy
[07:55] ƈǟֆɛʏ ɦǟʟʄքɨռȶ (kc.bluestar): im glad you enjoyed yourself and have a great day
[07:55] Cindy Haiku left chat range.
[07:57] Cindy Haiku entered chat range (19.87 m).
[07:58] Cindy Haiku: and i just won on the lucky chair too :)))

Need a Witch Hat? We have you covered!

As if this year’s collection was not already PHENOMENAL enough, there’s more! Carrie has now released HATS to compliment the Obsession and Wicked ensembles and are perfect for any Halloween event or activity. Two styles to choose from….

Updated Discount/Lucky Room

Hey Everyone! Come try your luck at our newly updated Discount/Lucky Room! Some of the treasures include…
1- You can now buy past Hunt Gifts! W00T W00T!!
2- Lowered the price of the Misc items Gatcha Machine only 25L!!
3- Added at least ONE of every item from the vaulted list.. If you got a vaulted item in the past… well we’ve changed out the outfits colors… and its only 50L!!
4- OOOO And we’ve added items to the Lucky Chair.. PLUS to get you in the mood for Halloween we’ve snuck in ELVIRA and renamed it the Un-Lucky Chair!!
You never know what you’ll find.. We don’t call it the LUCKY ROOM for nothing!! See you soon!