Valentine Natalie::

Day 7 of Carries “Season of Love” is the beloved Natalie… Carrie also created shoes and make-up to match this lovely gown perfectly… Natalie has fast become a Carries favorite and she wanted to offer it for Valentines day for those special nights out…

NOTE:: Appliers not available for this gown due to the quality of the gown was compromised and Carrie didn’t feel it would have been up to the standards expected of a Carries Creation..

Dress – Jacket layer
Dress with sleeves – Jacket layer
Bra – undershirt and shirt layer
Bra with sleeves- shirt layer
Panties – pants and underwear layer
Dress Glitch Pants – Pant layer
Dress Prim – Prim Attachment

Valentine Natalie Ad pink

Valentine Natalie Ad purple

Valentine Natalie Ad red


Natalie shoe ad pink

Natalie shoe ad purple

Natalie shoe ad red


Natalie Valentine MU pink AD

Natalie Valentine MU purple AD

Natalie Valentine MU rednblk AD

Presenting Senora Make-up

To go perfectly with your new Senora ensemble, Carrie has exquisite matching makeup.. The Senora Make-up is highly detailed giving you just the right touch of sexy glamor. It’s also very versatile and can be used anytime. So why not grab the fat packs of these and wear them with any of your outfits.