Introducing Kacie::

Sexy Dark Lacy Mysterious Kacie! Super HOT and ready to fulfill your fantasies! You can find Kacie NOW in the VIP area at Carries. If you want to join our VIP group, yoiu can get Kacie now for 25% off. Theres a one time fee to join but the enefits exceed the joining fee (only 500L) Ask any associate for details.

Kacie Ad FP


Kacie Ad blue


Kacie Ad Lilac


Kacie Ad teal


Kacie Ad silver


Kacie Ad red


Kacie Ad Pink



Kacie heels ad FP

Kacie slink ad FP

Introducing “Wild Child” ::

Calling all you WILD Childs out there! Just released to VIP today is “Wild Child” Sizzling and Sleek!.. Gloves and feet both have slink appliers!PLUS SHOES! Selling separately we have matching Laced Stilettos… If you don’t want to wait for “Wild Child” to hit the main store I invite you to join our VIP, where you can IMMEDIATELY get 25% off this PURRRRRRRRRFECTLY Wild ensemble… only 500L to join..

Wild Child Ad FP


Wild Child Ad blk leo

Black Leo

Wild Child Ad leo


Wild Child Ad pink leo

Pink Leo

Wild Child Ad pur leo

Purple Leo

Wild Child Ad turq zeb

Turquoise Leo

Wild Child Ad zeb


Laced Stiletto’s

Laced Wild Child Ad FP


Laced Stiletto Ad blk leo

Black Leo

Laced Stiletto Ad leo


Laced Stiletto Ad pink leo

Pink Leo

Laced Stiletto Ad pur leo

Purple Leo

Laced Stiletto Ad turq zeb


Laced Stiletto Ad Zebra


Matching boxers for you Wild Guys!

Wild Child Boxer Ad FP

Re-Introducing Laria ::

Making a entrance back in to the wonderful world of Carries Lingerie is Laria. She Sassy Sexy and ready for you to come grab your favorite colors or just get the Fatpack!  Additionally you can purchase separately shoes and make to mach perfectly…

Right now you will find Laria in our VIP area.. for a 1 time fee of 500L you can join and enjoy all the great benefits We have to offer. For instance you can purchase Laria at 25% off.. Ask any sales associate on how to become a member ..

Laria Ad FP - Copy


Laria Ad blk


Laria Ad Blue


Laria Ad pink - Copy


Laria Ad purple - Copy


Laria Ad red - Copy


Laria Ad teal



Laria MU FP Ad


Laria Full MU Ad blk


Laria Full MU Ad blue


Laria Full MU Ad pink


Laria Full MU Ad purple


Laria Full MU Ad red


Laria Full MU Ad teal



Laria Shoes FP Ad


Laria Shoe Ad Black


Laria Shoe Ad Blue


Laria Shoe Ad pink


Laria Shoe Ad purple


Laria Shoe Ad red


Laria Shoe Ad Teal


March Limited 2014::


All the beauty and Elegance that we have come to known from Carrie. So many ways to wear this Beauty and is a full vision of perfection. Beautiful colors of Mardi Gras in Purple, Green and Gold whith the Beads, Feathers, Shoes and Full Make-Up included to make this outfit complete.

Limited Mardi Gras Main Ad

Limited MG single back 1

Limited MG single back 2

Limited MG single back 3

Limited MG single front 2 peek

Limited MG single front 2

Limited MG single front 3

Limited MG single Accessories

The Stupid Cupid Hunt 2

Starting today 2/1/2014 – 2/15/2014

That Cupid, he’s so STUPID! Flying around, shooting arrows everywhere, flipping around making everyone dizzy, trailing little hearts wherever he goes. He’s trying to make love matches all across SL! He has no clue what he’s doing, going from store to store and shooting random things-he’s making a mess of the place, shooting anything he sees.

Here is your first hint:::

“What better match than the one with the same name”, was CUPID’s first thought.
He locked his arrow on his target………..and hit his own TEDDY BEAR

This clue will take you to the next clue.. Find all 5 arrows/clues and then you will find your final reward pictured below.. Have fun!!

Valentine Gracie Ad

Valentine Gracie Boxers Ad

Evil bunny’s blog link for info on hints and gift previews::

Want to join their group for inworld help?

cf5b5b70-3476-ad6b-9b05-ed710b367c04 (paste this in your search bar to pull up the group or touch any hunt poster)

Day 12 of Carries “Season of Love”

And for the Last day of Carries Season of Love.. We have Our dressed up for Valentines day “Sweet ~N~ Sexy” So many options on how to wear this fun sexy bra and panties set..

SS Valentine B&P Set Ad

SS Valentine CorGarStock Ad

SS Valentine D&T Ad

SS Valentine FB & BC Ad

SS Valentine FP Ad

Day 6 of Carries “Season of Love”

The Valentine Marissa.. This Delicious, Divine lingerie set is one of my favorites.. Made to make you feel super sexy. Try it and you’ll see and your partner will sure notice..

Marissa Ad Pink & White

Marissa Ad red & Blk

New at the Cleavage Sim::

Begining today you can find the lovely Calleen in silver waiting for you!

Calleen Silver ad

Find her here …. <<<<<