March 2016 Limited::

Introducing Sweet Surrender! This months Limited Edition. So many options with this gown. So much to love! From the ball room to the bedroom! and all in-between! Silks, 2 options for lingerie. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Limited Sweet Main Ad

Limited Sweet Single ads b1

Limited Sweet Single ads b2

Limited Sweet Single ads b3

Limited Sweet Single ads b4

Limited Sweet Single ads b5

Limited Sweet Single ads b6

Limited Sweet Single ads f1

Limited Sweet Single ads f2

Limited Sweet Single ads f3

Limited Sweet Single ads f4

Limited Sweet Single ads f5

Limited Sweet Single ads f6

Limited Sweet Single ads f7

Limited Sweet Single ads f8

Limited Sweet Single ads f9
Sold Separately

Limited Sweet Slink Ad

Limited Sweet headpiece set Ad

Introducing Jessa::

What a lovely lacy ensemble the Jessy is! a soft feminine touch makes this simply beautiful! and you will also feel beautiful! 6 colors to choose from! I couldn’t decide so I got all six including shoes and makeup! Jessy will be in the main store soon! so if your not a VIP member then why not join today!

Jessa Ad plum


YIKES The Wine color won’t upload at this time!! see color in FP pic


Jessa Ad spruce


Jessa Ad rose


Jessa Ad midnight


Jessa Ad coffee


Jessa Ad FP



The Extras

Jessa MU AD FP


JESSA Slink Shoe AD FP

Slink Shoes


Reg Heels

Day 2 of Carries Christmas 2014::

For Day 2 Carries introduces Winter Bloom. This duo silks/gown set was first seen as the August 2014 Limited in a Beautiful Lavender color. Now for Christmas Carrie made this exclusive set in a Beautiful Ice Blue! Come by today .. We’ll be waiting! Shoes sold separate BUT makeup is included!

Winter Bloom ad

Winter bloom slink high shoes ad

Winter Bloom ad extra 1

Winter Bloom ad extra 3

Winter Bloom ad extra 4

Winter Bloom ad extra 5

Introducing Kacie::

Sexy Dark Lacy Mysterious Kacie! Super HOT and ready to fulfill your fantasies! You can find Kacie NOW in the VIP area at Carries. If you want to join our VIP group, yoiu can get Kacie now for 25% off. Theres a one time fee to join but the enefits exceed the joining fee (only 500L) Ask any associate for details.

Kacie Ad FP


Kacie Ad blue


Kacie Ad Lilac


Kacie Ad teal


Kacie Ad silver


Kacie Ad red


Kacie Ad Pink



Kacie heels ad FP

Kacie slink ad FP

Introducing Misha ::

Carrie has brought Misha back in 6 New Bold MUST have Colors! Always a Carries Customer Favorite! Carrie has made many improvements to Misha, including adding Slink Stocking appliers.

Misha Ad FP


Misha Ad fire


Misha Ad Fuschia


Misha Ad graphite


Misha Ad Indigo


Misha Ad purple


Misha Ad turquoise

Sold Separate is the Cat Extreme makeup and WOW is it sexy! pick up the fat pack!!

Extreme cat MU AD FP

Fat Pack Extreme Cat Makeup

Extreme cat MU AD Fire

Fire Extreme Cat Makeup

Extreme cat MU AD Fuschia

Fuchsia Extreme Cat Makeup

Extreme cat MU AD graphite

Graphite Extreme Cat Makeup

Extreme cat MU AD indigo

Indigo Extreme Cat Makeup

Extreme cat MU AD Purple

Purple Extreme Cat Makeup

Extreme cat MU AD turquoise

Turquoise Extreme Cat Makeup