Introducing the 2014 Christmas Limited ::

Introducing the 2014 Christmas Limited… This gown has very special meaning to me and I’m excited that Carrie is releasing this gown for the very first time. Its been months in the making and watching the creation of this exquisite creation has been wonderful! It has everything you need for the Perfect Christmas Night..From beginning to end.. ENJOY!

Limited Holiday 2014 INFO

Holiday Limited Ad Main

Holiday Limited Ad b1

Holiday Limited Ad cocktail b

Holiday Limited Ad cocktail b2

Holiday Limited Ad cocktail f

Holiday Limited Ad cocktail f2

Holiday Limited Ad L4

Holiday LTD 2014 Ad L1

Holiday LTD 2014 Ad L2

Holiday LTD 2014 Ad L3

Holiday Limited Heels Ad

Holiday Limited Slink Heels Ad

Day 1 of Carries Christmas::

Yes its that time of year again! Carries 12 Days of Christmas! Beginning today and for the next 12 days Carrie will be releasing a new outfit.. On the day of release VIP’s can purchase the outfit for 50% off.. Only VIP’s will have this discount so if you’ve ever considered joining now is the time! After the first day the price will be 25% off for VIP’s .. Regular group members and customers will still be able to purchase these on day of release but will not be able to get the discount..

Today we Start with the Barbara Ann .. Santa needs a cute helper around and this will certainly do the trick! Barbara comes in 6 vibrant colors which is sure to please everyone’s color fav’s … Come see us!

Holiday BarbaraAnn Ad fp

Fat Pack

Holiday BarbaraAnn Ad Blue


Holiday BarbaraAnn Ad fuchsia


Holiday BarbaraAnn Ad grn


Holiday BarbaraAnn Ad purple


Holiday BarbaraAnn Ad red


Holiday BarbaraAnn Ad teal


Introducing Kacie::

Sexy Dark Lacy Mysterious Kacie! Super HOT and ready to fulfill your fantasies! You can find Kacie NOW in the VIP area at Carries. If you want to join our VIP group, yoiu can get Kacie now for 25% off. Theres a one time fee to join but the enefits exceed the joining fee (only 500L) Ask any associate for details.

Kacie Ad FP


Kacie Ad blue


Kacie Ad Lilac


Kacie Ad teal


Kacie Ad silver


Kacie Ad red


Kacie Ad Pink



Kacie heels ad FP

Kacie slink ad FP

Introducing “Wild Child” ::

Calling all you WILD Childs out there! Just released to VIP today is “Wild Child” Sizzling and Sleek!.. Gloves and feet both have slink appliers!PLUS SHOES! Selling separately we have matching Laced Stilettos… If you don’t want to wait for “Wild Child” to hit the main store I invite you to join our VIP, where you can IMMEDIATELY get 25% off this PURRRRRRRRRFECTLY Wild ensemble… only 500L to join..

Wild Child Ad FP


Wild Child Ad blk leo

Black Leo

Wild Child Ad leo


Wild Child Ad pink leo

Pink Leo

Wild Child Ad pur leo

Purple Leo

Wild Child Ad turq zeb

Turquoise Leo

Wild Child Ad zeb


Laced Stiletto’s

Laced Wild Child Ad FP


Laced Stiletto Ad blk leo

Black Leo

Laced Stiletto Ad leo


Laced Stiletto Ad pink leo

Pink Leo

Laced Stiletto Ad pur leo

Purple Leo

Laced Stiletto Ad turq zeb


Laced Stiletto Ad Zebra


Matching boxers for you Wild Guys!

Wild Child Boxer Ad FP