Day 5 of Carries Christmas 2014 ::

Day 5 begins with the mysterious “Kacie” . A new favorite among Carries customers. A seductive outfit full of lace and plenty of fun.. Don’t miss out on this one! Buy for yourself or send as a gift to a friend ..

Holiday Kacie Ad Green

Holiday Kacie Ad Red

Holiday Kacie Ad winter


Holiday Kacie slink high shoes ad grn


Holiday Kacie slink high shoes ad red


Holiday Kacie slink high shoes ad winter


Introducing Betsy::

Such delicate lace! This newest creation left me drooling! Carrie constantly surprises me with the detail she puts into her lingerie creation’s!
Betsy is now available in our VIP area for a discount of 25% off until it moves to the main store! Only 500L to join… Ask any associate for details!

Betsy Ad FP

Betsy Ad black

Betsy Ad blue

Betsy Ad fushcia

Betsy Ad purple

Betsy Ad red

Betsy Ad teal