Twisted Hunt::

We are participating in a new hunt: the 13th bi-annual Twisted Hunt……..SPECTRES……. which runs from March 5th till April 5th. Yes, that is right, the hardest hunt of SL.

You are looking for a cube. There is an example near the info-board left at the landing point @ Carrie’s Lingerie.

Hint: LOOK what’s floating there!!!!

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Twisted Hunt :::

Feeling Magically Twisted? Then come cast your spell at finding the dark purple prim holding it’s magical reward.. Yes its time for The Twisted Hunt. It began March 1 and will run thru March 31..

Your Hint:::
Going in and going out, the twisted box is waiting.
Out for you to find if your eyes are keen.
Don’t forget the in between.

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Twisted Hunt ::

Come try your luck at finding the spinning little white and red box … There’s No Clues and plenty of Decoys to find along the way! It won’t be easy but the reward at the end is worth it 🙂

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