The Stupid Cupid Hunt::

We are participating in a new hunt: The Stupid Cupid Hunt 3. The hunt runs from Feb. 1-15th.

That Cupid, he’s so STUPID! Flying around, shooting arrows everywhere, flipping around making everyone dizzy, trailing little hearts wherever he goes. He’s trying to make love matches all across SL! He has no clue what he’s doing, going from store to store and shooting random things-he’s making a mess of the place, shooting anything he sees.

You are looking for an arrow. There is an example on the info-board left at the landing point.


“Love is in the air, floating around. Catch it if you can.”

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In Store Valentine Hunt:::

Introducing:::: The Crazy Heart Hunt!! It began TODAY 1-31-14 and will run through Friday 2-14-14. There are 6 Crazy Hearts to find, and in them you will discover a set of Valentine Haley and/or Valentine Mens Lounge Set. When completed don’t forget to have a look around at all the exciting things for Valentines.. Like all the NEW items in the New release pit, plus the Gatchas, (they are transfer only so you can trade with friends or load up on gifties for people). Happy Valentines from Carries Lingerie!

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