Day 8 of Carries “Season of Love”

With a bit of smoldering oriental flair Carrie is Bringing back Valentine Misha. If you missed this Exquisite outfit last year, you now have the opportunity to get it

Misha Val Ad

Day 7 of Carries “Season of Love”

Brings Mia. Mia is a baby doll ensemble and comes in 6 must have colors. Showing off her Smoldering Sexiness is Ella, one of Carries associate’s and models..
Come on by and meet our sexy staff!

Mia 2 Ad FP

Fat Pack

Mia 2 Ad blue


Mia 2 Ad brick


Mia 2 Ad pink


Mia 2 Ad purple


Mia 2 Ad red


Mia 2 Ad sea


Day 4 of Carries “Season of Love”

What could be cuter than to dress up in Zoe for Valentines day! Make someones fantasy come true, Maybe even your own 😉

Zoe Valentine Ad

Gift Cards on Sale 1 Day ONLY!! Happy Valentines Day!!!

Today and only today (February 14, 2013) Carrie’s gift cards will be on sale for 25% off!! Woooooooooo Hooooooooooooo / /! Time to stock up! Just think You can give as a gift (last minute or future), use right away, you decide! But what ever you do DON’T Miss out out on this SALE!!!!

gift card_002

Introducing Desire::

Carries has gone and DONE it! She’s delved into the wonderful world of MESH!

DESIRE takes you into the night with an allure that he won’t be able to resist. Mesh goes super sexy in this short negligee! There is no alpha layer to hide your soft curves and a peek through to your bare flesh. 6 bold colors and 6 patterns ensure there is at least one for everyone.

We Strongly recommend that you DEMO this before making a purchase.
Because there is no alpha layer you may need to adjust your shape to properly wear this item.

*What’s included*
Mesh gown

~ Sexy Solids~

Desire Mesh Ad red

Desire Mesh Ad blue

Desire Mesh Ad cyan

Desire Mesh Ad fuschia

Desire Mesh Ad graphite

Desire Mesh Ad purple

~ Sensuous See Through’s ~

Desire Mesh Ad Blue Brocade

Desire Mesh Ad spearmint

Desire Mesh Ad Hearts

Desire Mesh Ad Pink Emb

Desire Mesh Ad red lace

Desire Mesh Ad WILD

Feburary Limited::

LUST! Yes Lust is the Valentine Limited for February, in the perfect shade of Dusty Rose. The Limited is so Elegant and Alluring, from the lacy bra to the matching shoes. Carrie’s eye for detail is Passionately First-class!

The Lust Limited is only available for the Month of February.. So don’t delay and go get yours today!

What’s Included::
Bra – shirt and undershirt layers
Panties – pants and underwear layers
Top – pants and underwear layers
Prim Sleeves – Attachment
Prim Gown – Attachment
Baby Doll – Attachment
2 Prim Hair Pieces – Attachments
Full Face Make-Up – Tattoo Layer
Matching Shoes (mesh shoe with a prim decoration)
Alpha Layer for Shoes & Shoe Shaper

LTD Feb 2013 AD Main

LTD Feb 2013 AD b4

LTD Feb 2013 AD b2

LTD Feb 2013 AD f2

LTD Feb 2013 AD f1

LTD Feb 2013 AD b3

LTD Feb 2013 Shoe ad



Introducing Valentine Elisabeth::

For the 8th and final day of Carries “Season of Love” She is offering the “Elisabeth” in 6 STUNNING Colors … The Elisabeth is HIGHLY detailed and ooohhh so very exquisite.. Truly beautiful! You will want them all! (I had to have them all)

Here’s whats included::

Corset & Garter combo- Jacket layer
Full Corset – Shirt layer
Bra – undershirt and shirt layer
Garters – pants layer
Panties – pants and underwear layer

Elisabeth FP AD

Elisabeth Ad blk

Elisabeth Ad blue

Elisabeth Ad pink

Elisabeth Ad purple

Elisabeth Ad teal

Elisabeth Ad wine


Elisabeth Make-up ad FP

Elisabeth MU AD blk

Elisabeth MU AD blue

Elisabeth MU AD pink

Elisabeth MU AD Purple

Elisabeth MU AD teal

Elisabeth MU AD wine


Elisabeth shoe ad FP

Elisabeth shoe ad blk

Elisabeth shoe ad blue

Elisabeth shoe ad pink

Elisabeth shoe ad purple

Elisabeth shoe ad red

Elisabeth shoe ad teal

Elisabeth shoe ad wine


LTA AD Elisabeth FP

LTA AD Elisabeth Black

LTA AD Elisabeth blue

LTA AD Elisabeth Pink

LTA AD Elisabeth Purple

LTA AD Elisabeth Teal

LTA AD Elisabeth wine

Valentine Natalie::

Day 7 of Carries “Season of Love” is the beloved Natalie… Carrie also created shoes and make-up to match this lovely gown perfectly… Natalie has fast become a Carries favorite and she wanted to offer it for Valentines day for those special nights out…

NOTE:: Appliers not available for this gown due to the quality of the gown was compromised and Carrie didn’t feel it would have been up to the standards expected of a Carries Creation..

Dress – Jacket layer
Dress with sleeves – Jacket layer
Bra – undershirt and shirt layer
Bra with sleeves- shirt layer
Panties – pants and underwear layer
Dress Glitch Pants – Pant layer
Dress Prim – Prim Attachment

Valentine Natalie Ad pink

Valentine Natalie Ad purple

Valentine Natalie Ad red


Natalie shoe ad pink

Natalie shoe ad purple

Natalie shoe ad red


Natalie Valentine MU pink AD

Natalie Valentine MU purple AD

Natalie Valentine MU rednblk AD

Valentine Nev::

For day 6 of Carries “Season of Love” She wanted to offer a silk.. The Nev has been a popular design and this wine color is perfect for Valentines day!

What’s Included::

Top – undershirt and shirt layer
Under Gown – pants and underwear layer
Lower – Pant and underwear layer
Dress Prim – Prim Attachment
Front and back silk skirt – Prim Attachment
Left and Right arm silk – prim attachment

Nev wine ad


LTA AD Nev wine


What’s included:
Pant Layer
Underwear Layer

Heart Boxers Ad Wine