Introducing September Limited ::

LTD Sept 2013 info

LTD Sept 2013 AD

LTD Sept 2013 backs AD

LTD Sept 2013 Fronts AD

LTD Sept 2013 accessories AD


Carrie’s Lingerie made some Huge Changes! We’ve UPGRADED the vendor system to offer copy only, with gifting options available (prim pieces are modify)… There are also NEW vendor boards to better see the GORGEOUS Lingerie selections…Outfits that had appliers in the store on June 27th will experience no changes. Outfits that did NOT have appliers in the store on or before June 27th will now COME with the outfits. For those customers who have already purchased the outfits, the appliers will be available separately for a LIMITED time. (August 1st.) Soooo Come on down, see the pretty new vendor boards and Pick up your LTA’s..

BONUS!!! There will be ongoing SUPER BLOWOUT SALES of the soon to be gone forever outfits (These will be the only items available for transfer) NO LTA”S for these sale items EVER!!!!

New Vendors_001

Introducing June Limited ::

LTD White Senora Info

LTD White Senora Main Ad

LTD White Senora Front Ad

LTD White Senora Backs Ad

LTD White Senora Accessories AD

Happy Mothers Day From Carrie ::

Happy Mother’s Day all you Moms out there! Carrie has put out a cute Mother’s Day set for only 50L (38L for VIP Members) and a free full make-up to match!
Hugs Mommies and Everyone!!!!

Mothers Day Elise

Kittent MU Mothers day Ad

Introducing April Limited::

LTD Butterfly Eve Info

LTD Butterfly Eve Main Ad

Limited Butterfly Eve Ad 2

Limited Butterfly Eve Ad 3

Limited Butterfly Eve Ad 4

Limited Butterfly Eve Ad 5

Limited Butterfly Eve Ad 6

Limited Butterfly Eve Ad 7

Limited Butterfly Eve Ad 8

Limited Butterfly Eve Ad 9

LTD Butterfly Eve Make-up ad

LTD Butterfly Eve Shoe Ad

Sold Separately

LTA Ad Limited Butterfly Eve

Week-end Sales::

Come pick up some weekend bargains…..

Pamela is the Super sales item:
pamela taupe 3.14.2013

Sin is the 69L Weekend item:

sin 3.14.2013

Spicy is the 55L items:
spicyfuschia 3.14.2013

Sugar is the 55L item:

sugarblue 3.14.2013

St Patricks Day has Arrived::

♣♣♣ St Patrick’s Outfits have Arrived♣♣♣
Come grab some green before your luck runs out!

Celtic Katie

Celtic Katie Ad

♣♣♣Sold Separately♣♣♣
*The applier for the pasties is included as Carrie’s gift to you*
LTA AD Katie Celtic

Evie Mix Its

Base Set

Evie Shamrocks Ad

Corset & Skirt Sets

Evie CnS Emerald Ad

Evie CnS Shamrocks Ad

♣♣♣Sold Separately♣♣♣
*The applier for the pasties is included as Carrie’s gift to you*

LTA AD Evie Shamrock

Week-End Sales::

This Weekend come stock up on these Carrie’s Bargains! Available until Monday Morning (2/25/13) when Carrie logs on……

Elayna is the Super Sales Item::
elaynawhite 2.20

Grace is the 55L Item::
grace ad peach 2.20

Kerry is the 69L Item::
Kerry ad blk 2.20

Malorie is the 60L Item::
Malorie blue 2.20

Catch our Weekend Sales for week ending 02/16/2013

Here are our 4 weekend sales!!! Come on buy and catch these bargains:: We’ll leave the light on for you!

Cupid is our 60L Sale Item
cupid ad black pink

Spirit Rose is our Super Sale Item
Spirit rose ad

Sweet is our 69L Sale Item
sweet hot pink ad

Valentine Beth is our 55L Sale Item
Valentine Beth

Winter Memories Hunt :::

Join in this hunt too! Winter Memories.. This outfit is sure to Warm the heart of whomever you wear it for… Good Luck!!

(Hint: Too cold for toes to wiggle free, find their warmth and you’ll see me.)

winter memories hunt ad