Creative Angel Hunt – Dreams Come True 10/18 – 10/31

After the Angels were allowed by their lord to remain in our land in order to have New Beginnings, they set off in discovery of new places in this wonderland. The angels discovered villages and small towns. They decided that it would be the most benefit to their lord and the people of our world to help them make their lives better. They set about their task and legends soon grew true of mythical creatures as the angels began reading and changing their forms to match their favorite stories whether good or evil. The Angels now set out on a quest of creating a balance between the mythical creatures they had become and the mortals. They dreamed of reuniting all of the angels with mortals in a peaceful way. Please won’t you help our Angels reunite? Help them make their Dreams Come True.

Your goal is to locate each angel’s secret wish, written on a small parchment scroll… These scrolls are all thrown about the lands telling of the life they wish to create and blend in to what us mortals call normal…


Above is the Exclusive Angel hunt gift. It consists of a ICE GREED bra (in 2 layers), panty, and stockings set.

Hint: Carrie sings “My heart’s on fire for ELVIRA. Giddy Up Oom Pumpkin Omm Pumpkin Mow Mow. Giddy Up Oom Pumpkin Omm Pumpkin Mow Mow.”

Inside Carries along our info wall you will see a lil vendor sign set up. Hunters can purchase this Exclusive ICE GREED for only 200L It has 6 layers in the box consisting of a skirt, top, 2 layers of panty, stockings and gloves. You MUST be wearing the HUD to purchase these.

When you finish the hunt there’s a … *Whispers* secret sales room. BUT you MUST wear your badge….. Whats in there? The Ice Skin to make the Ice Queen complete..

How to begin? Come into Carries and click the hunt sign or look here

Presenting SCARLET

Carrie’s Lingerie presents a release like no other with SCARLET, a brand new and unique design in honor of and named after a very unique lady. Scarlet Ansar was an assistant with Carrie’s Lingerie for over a year and recently passed away in RL. Scarlet was a very special lady, an integral part of our team and she will never be forgotten. With SCARLET, we are celebrating the fun, flirty, sexy lady who loved dressing up and wearing big floppy hats with absolutely everything. For those of you who knew Scarlet, we hope this ensemble makes you think of her with a smile. For everyone, we hope you embrace the fun and glamour SL has to offer and enjoy every minute of it.

SCARLET comes with 2 looks, both with plunging necklines, front lace collar, a midsection of sparkling lace detail, criss cross back accented with a diamond of lace and a super low-cut back offering a tease of what’s underneath. The bodysuit option has high cut legs and is perfect for the bedroom when worn with the sheer thigh high lace trimmed stockings or for looking glamorous on the beach with a matching hat for blocking the sun. The hat IS included with this outfit and it’s also MESH so please make sure you have a mesh compatible viewer to see the hat properly. The dress includes a calf length ruffled skirt and when paired with the lace accented gloves and hat is a truly elegant, fun and flirty look for a night on the town or when out shopping at your favorite upscale establishment like Carrie’s Lingerie! With stunning lace work and bold brite colors to get you noticed, SCARLET is a must have addition to your Carrie’s wardrobe.

Carries Dreams