Halloween Photo Contest!!

Summer has ended, the air is crisp and the leaves are changing colors. You know what this means, right? Yep, that’s right Halloween is coming up!!! It’s Carrie’s FAVORITE time of the year. The main store gets decorated and VIP is shut down for one day while it’s totally transformed into a Haunted House. So of course she wants to see how many of you Carrie’s fans love it too.

So I bet you are asking, what does that mean???

✯ It’s time to get creepy, mysterious, spooky and get a little kookey for Carrie’s Photo Contest!!!

✯ The Carrie’s Lingerie Halloween Photo Contest will run from Sept 21st – Oct 21st.

✯ Winner will be chosen and announced on Oct. 24th.

Here is your chance to show your creative side, think Halloween and use Carrie’s Lingerie to make a costume. You can win a 2000L GC. Just think of all the treats you can get, this is no trick.

✯ Judging will be based on how creative you can be with Carrie’s Lingerie in a Halloween Theme.
✯ If you use Photo Shop or any other editing program, you are not allowed to alter the outfit in any way.
✯ All pics will be posted to Carrie’s Lingerie Flickr page and the winner will be posted on the Carrie’s Lingerie blog.

✓ Take a spooktacular picture of yourself wearing Carrie’s Lingerie all Halloweened up. (There is a photo studio available to group members. You may use it, but it is not required.)
✓ Use your imagination, be creative (you may use editing)
✯ Spooky
✯ Creepy
✯ Bloody/Gory
✯ Zombie Nurse
✯ Vampire
✯ Witch
✯ The more creative, the better
✓ Place your picture in a notecard, naming the card AND the pic with your full avi’s name (username NOT display name)
✓ Drop the notecard in Neveah Lacombe’s mailbox (her picture) behind the service desk.
✓ Guys are welcome to enter too, just have to be creative. You can be the top winner!!!

✯ Must be wearing Carrie’s Lingerie as the main part of the costume (Must be recognizable by Judges)
✯ Be a member of the Carrie’s Lingerie group, Regular or VIP.
✯ One entry per person, please
✯ All pictures must be new and not from last year’s customer Halloween Photoshoot.
✯ Full avatar name must be on the picture or it will be automatically disqualified
✯ Current Carrie’s staff are not eligible.

✯ So get a witch’s shawl on.
✯ A broomstick you can crawl on.
✯ Come and pay a call on Carrie’ Lingerie.
*click, click*

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