Day 7 of Carries 2015 Christmas Collection ::

Day 7 brings some newness for Christmas! Santa Baby and Snow Bunnie. Santa will be super excited to see his helper dressed in the new Santa Baby! And who wants to be the Christmas bunnie! How adorable will you be in this! floppy ears and makeup included!

Santa Baby
Santa Baby Ad blue


Santa Baby Ad fuchsia


Santa Baby Ad grn


Santa Baby Ad purple


Santa Baby Ad red


Santa Baby Ad teal



xmas promo 2015 Jenna (santa baby)

Jenna modeling Santa Baby in red

xmas promo 2015 Jenna (santa baby)2

Jenna Modeling Santa Baby lingerie in blue

Snow Bunnie

Snow Bunnie Ad Red


Snow Bunnie Ad Grn


Snow Bunnie Ad Blue



nerlyn promo 2015 final 1

Nerlyn modeling Snow bunnie

nerlyn promo 2015 final 2

Nerlyn modeling Snow Bunnie in Red

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