Day 12 of Carries Christmas 2014

We’ve reached the last day of Carries 12 days of Christmas and her collection wouldn’t be complete with something lively and sparkly! One of Carries Classics was brought in to end the FANTASTIC Christmas Collection. the “Laria”! Laria has been around since before I came to Carries so those who have been long time fans have seen this stunning ensemble. 3 bold colors trimmed perfectly with gold lace, Laria concludes this years 12 days of Christmas…… We’ll leave the light’s on for ya 🙂

Holiday Laria Ad eggplant


Holiday Laria Ad green


Holiday Laria Ad red



Holiday Laria slink high shoes ad


Laria Extra 1

Laria Extra 2

Laria Extra 3

Laria Extra 4

Laria Extra 5

Day 8 of Carries Christmas 2014 ::

Today we have one of my FAVORITE gowns of all time the ever gorgeous Emily! And escorting her into day 8 is Thomas. So you couples out there can go out in style and match perfectly. Come on down both sets are 50% for our VIP’s! Come join today!

Emily Darks FP ad


Emily Darks Ad blk


Emily Darks Ad dark cyan


Emily Darks Ad fuchsia


Emily Darks Ad plum


Emily Darks Ad Red


Emily Darks Ad royal



Emily slink high shoes ad FP


Thomas suit Ad Darks FP


Thomas suit Ad Darks blk


Thomas suit Ad Darks dark cyan


Thomas suit Ad Darks Fu


Thomas suit Ad Darks plum


Thomas suit Ad Darks red


Thomas suit Ad Darks royal


Day 6 of Carries Christmas 2014 ::

For Day 6 Carrie reveal’s this STUNNING gown named Radience. If it looks familiar its fashioned after last years 2013 Christmas Limited. Every piece is crafted with perfection. This gown will be the perfect holiday dress for every occasion coming your way. And after the party….. wellllll as you can see the lingerie will make those cold winter nights warm up quickly….

Radience Ad FP


Radience Ad fuchsia


Radience Ad gold


Radience Ad purple


Radience Ad red


Radience Ad royal


Radience Ad teal


Shoes sold separate or in a fatpack

Holiday Radience slink high shoes ad FP

Day 3 of Carries Christmas 2014::

Today we have 2 SURPRISES! Both outfits are my personal favorites! The Sami and Betsy.. Shoes are sold separate… Sooo What you waiting for ! Come on down and get the Sami and Betsy! And for you VIP members remember 50% off today only!

Holiday Sami Ad grn


Holiday Sami Ad red


Holiday Laced Slink Shoes Ad green


Holiday Laced Slink Shoes Ad red


Holiday Betsy Ad trad


Holiday Betsy Ad winter


Laced Stiletto Ad white


Day 2 of Carries Christmas 2014::

For Day 2 Carries introduces Winter Bloom. This duo silks/gown set was first seen as the August 2014 Limited in a Beautiful Lavender color. Now for Christmas Carrie made this exclusive set in a Beautiful Ice Blue! Come by today .. We’ll be waiting! Shoes sold separate BUT makeup is included!

Winter Bloom ad

Winter bloom slink high shoes ad

Winter Bloom ad extra 1

Winter Bloom ad extra 3

Winter Bloom ad extra 4

Winter Bloom ad extra 5

Day 9 of Carries Christmas ::

For day 9 of Carries Christmas, Sparkle has arrived in 3 dark colors of Red, Blue and Green.. Sparkle will light up the dance floor this holiday season making you the envy of all who gaze upon you. Can’t decide on color? Pick up the fatpack… Christmas shooping is located in our VIP area which is open for all thru Dec. 31! Come see why its great to be a VIP!!

Sparkle Holiday Ad blue


Sparkle Holiday Ad green


Sparkle Holiday Ad red


Sparkle Holiday Ad Fatpack

What's Included Sparkle

Day 8 of Carries Christmas

Day number 8 revels Greed in Red.. Greed is another outfit from Carries sins collection and one of my favorites from this line… The delicate intricate details of this gown are breathtaking.. The perfect color for this Christmas Season.. Its waiting for you in the VIP Shopping area!! and as always for the first 24 hours of reveal.. Its 50% off for VIP members..

Holiday Greed Ad

What's Included greed

Introducing December 2013 Limited ::

There are times when Carrie creates something so breathtaking you just “gasp” This is one of those times.. Proudly introducing the December 2013 Christmas Limited..

2013 Christmas Limited Ad Main

2013 Christmas Limited Ad Front 4

2013 Christmas Limited Ad Front 3

2013 Christmas Limited Ad Back 2

2013 Christmas Limited Ad Back 3

2013 Christmas Limited Ad Back 1

2013 Christmas Limited Accessories Ad

2013 Christmas Limited What's Included

Day 6 of Carries Christmas ::

Day 6 has arrived and it brings Snow Evie with it… This gown will warm any cold snowy nights.. especially when you change into the lucious lingerie included with this gorgeous gown…

Evie Snow ad

What's Included snow evie